Some can pronounce words.
Some can assemble them to make sentences.
Some others can put them up to make lyrics.
The musicality, the interference in the emptiness of air, the loud breath crashing against the wall of silence…
It was important for me to see Fink live. It was a tribute to the emotions I felt listening to his music and lyrics. He’s the kinda of songwriter who can give or take everything from you with a single word.

I wanted to witness the chemistry that transforms lead-like words into gold lyrics. Luckily Fink was on his concert tour for the release of his sixth album Hard Believer – again on the famous Ninja Tunes label -, and made a stop in Paris.

Douglas Dare opened the show and i really regret having missed the beginning of his set as the man proved to be a talented musician and singer.

The setlist was quite similar to his previous concert at Paradisio in Amsterdam, but it was not mechanic, we even had a nice chat and joke about Paris where Fink recalled his long stay in the city few years ago.

The show started with Warm Shadow, a strong opening which immediately got the audience’s attention. Then followed by Sort of Revolution a beautiful federating track.

At some point i forgot to write down the names of the tracks as i really got absorbed by the concert.

After the third of fourth track, the band went for what Fink called “an old school” session.

Tim Thornton the percussionist and Fink occupied the front stage and gave a more intimate a between friends-like act. Tim displayed his true talent for music, drumming the mano supporting Fink’s voice in every single details.

Then came Perfect darkness. The quiet repeated piano stab seawave-like softly crashing against the cold cliff. Everything we gonna do we do it – quietly. Maybe out of luck or being exasperated to play over that tune I must say that Fink kinda shipped it to the audience to get to the next track. It was really below my expectations – maybe I was asking too much -, but this song has a personal meaning to me; it has become part of my life. I really wished he knew that.

Shakespeare was simply awesome and so emotional the audience stopped breathing for a long minute.

I won’t go over all the songs played, i however want to say a few words about Berlin Sunrise which is certainly one of the most beautiful – yet simple -, songs i’ve ever heard about a city.

The performance was grand in every way. There is an amazing complicity between Fink and his drummer percussionist. I did not expect such a quality performance and rediscovered the pleasure of a true live performance where a true communication between musicians is important to make the magic happen.

Certainly some may say that the quality of Fink’s lyrics is not able to match Dylan’s ones, but even though i love some of Dylan’s songs when i listen to him i feel terribly lonely, there a strong disruption in the communication, i don’t understand the metaphores or hints. I guess it’s because it doesn’t just rely on the quality of the words; the poetry can be very simple in its shape but really intense in its essence.
But then maybe i’m wrong and i’ve learnt nothing…

As i was searching the net to get more information about Fink i found out that he appeared in The Dewarists, this quality diamond programme is to my opinion the best thing ever done about music. The attention to details, the curiosity and the freedom… well i could go on for ages.


PS : I do apologize for the poor quality of the picture. I did it with my cellphone and i’m nothing close to a pro photographer.

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