You might recall we broke the original of this track over a year ago in November 2013 HERE and it caused a bit of a mini-riot!

At that time we described the track as “a cross between Busta Rhymes, Die Antwoord, Dub Phizix and the industrial sounding aspects of Zouk Bass!”.

Since then and deservedly so, dOOp & Subp Yao have gained a lot of momentum and recognition in the past year.

They are now back with a brilliant remix of that awesome track and are joined by 2 of South Africa’s finest, Cata. Pirata of SkipnDie fame and the equally awesome Jack Parow who is one of the biggest MC’s out there and he’s worked with the likes of Die Antwoord.

Cata brings a bit of lightness and playfulness to the track in M.I.A. style and Jack brings that Die Antwoord vibe in heavy dosage.  The track retains the essential elements of the original which made it so great in the first place, it’s just been imbued with an even greater sense of cool and relevance with the addition of the 2 mighty guests.  The guitar riff reminds me of Munchi’s Rasterinha track “Amarguardo”, never noticed that before now. Perhaps he sampled this track for that?  I’ll have to ask him.

One of the tracks of the year for sure:


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