A brilliant article documenting the evolution of Bass music in India has just been written by India’s culture mag “Homegrown”.

The piece expertly traces the history and evolution of Bass music in India from the mid 90’s through to present day incorporating interviews with:

…...”the bosses of bass, over 45 of them to be precise, regardless of whether their 15 minutes of bass-fuelled fame had come and gone over a decade ago, or whether they’d ventured into newer territory, and as they each narrated their own personal journeys—each more entwined with the others than they might have realised—the multiple, simultaneous conversations quickly began to evolve into more of a round-table conference than we had intended.”

The article is so big that it is split into 2 parts:

“The first is more fragmented, involving the very initial pioneers/pushers of the genre in India, both locals and foreigners, and the UK’s Asian Underground Movement, forming the foundation for everything we see today.”

The second involves a few incredibly key latecomers who took it upon themselves to resurrect an otherwise closeted genre, and take the time to evolve larger audiences’ taste for it. Neither could have evolved without the other.”

Of course, yours truly and my mixtape “India Calling” and Generation Bass are mentioned in Part 2 and that’s quite an honour for us, so thanks to all at Homegrown.

This really is the most comprehensive piece we have ever seen on the “Indian Bass Scene” and it’s quite a captivating and riveting read.

Please do check it out.

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