This year was very special for me, because I can handle with the new trend of funk carioca – rasterinha – and co-work with my new label talking about brazilian eletroinic music, the Braza Music.

The main point of this is: show the diversity of eletronic music and regional music there is in Brazil. Like, I live here and I know the same as you, foregin reader, about brazilian music. So I decided to open a place to talk about it and show it, and Bahia Bass is the main movement we want to talk.


Last year when I was talking with my friend a great dj Mauro Telefunksoul, he came with the idea to show the new producers of Bahia, which was actually producing eletronic music from Bahia culture. Mixed with the bass culture, of course. And BAM! Bahia Bass was borned. The volume 1 was amazing and I was to excited in created volume 2, because is easy you pick few tracks and: “hey guys, there is a movement here”. But in Bahia – as you can see in this mixtape – there is much more then few tracks, there is a whole moviment just waiting to be introduced to world. And I guess we’re doing it.

In this second volume, more styles of bahia bass come, as the track Nova $$a – SSA is the acronym of aeroport of Bahia, Salvador, and you can read as the tittle of music as New Salvador. Vandal and Half part of A.MA.SSA, Rafa Dias, create a amazing track talking about the bahia lifestyle. Plus, there is a amazing bass line and crazy drops, all of it in beats of pagode baiano, a ghetto style fromBbahia. Impossible be better than this.

Another amazing track is from Mauro Telefunksoul, the guy which started with idea of movement and the main name of it. Mauro is creating a sequence of tributes to all of “Blocos de rua” from Bahia. If you know a little of Bahia culture, you know in carnaval people staying dancing and singing behind big cars of sound. Like, this cars are the ‘sound system’ culture of Bahia, but with wheels. And, as other cultures, there is the main “blocos” that created the bahia culture and Mauro will show one by one. As he did in vol.1 with Ilê Aiyê, now he presents Olodum – one of biggest and best know percusion blocos from Bahia.

Salvador is a amazing city. I’d the opportunitty to travel there for twice, once was in Carnaval. And for my surprise, any people who live there enjoy carnaval. It’s to mass and there is a lot of tourist in city, with the only wish to enjoy the maximum of the moment, kiss girls and live that moment – missing the essential of the bahia culture. So I understand that: what I know about Bahia, isn’t the Bahia. F*ck.

It’s a kind frusted to know that but Bahia is wonderful! And now producers are showing it to for us. Catuaba Style is one of my favorite tracks. Another point for be my favorite is the name Catuaba style – Catuaba is a popular drink here, and there rumors it is aphrodisiac. Maybe now, the music should be more interesting.

Another great track is “Vai passar mal” from band Os Nelsons. Dude, this music sound very next from a Zouk Bass and Mauro who tell me: “this will be a track from ep Zouk Bass Baiano” and F*ck. As the same time is sound as Bahia beat this sound as zouk bass. Tambour are a great kind of beat.

To finish this post, but you need to listen this EP here and download it for free here, I will write about Sapohha.

I listen this track at first in Mauro’s mixtape and I enjoyed alot the feeling of it and and heavy style. But, the more important point of Sapohha is the eletric guitar solo. If you listen few tracks of Pagode Baiano (listen this) you will see the similiarty and the essence of pagode baiano. I think this is the main point when you promote a ghetto culture with eletronic influence, and Dj Werson made it!



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