This is def worth exploring. You can tell it’s not “really” Moroccan or even something new but it mos def soaks in the atmosphere and vibes of the place.

I was transported back to one of my most favourite places on earth whilst listening to this and I guess that was the main aim. If you haven’t been there, you really don’t know what you’re missing.

Here’s what the Artist says:

The London-based producer follows up his 2013 debut with his latest album ‘In Morocco’; a potent brew of wistful North African strings, wild percussion, howling dogs and lashings of tape hiss.

The album marks a further departure – both musically and geographically – from Telemachus’ Hip Hop roots. Having re-located to the village of Mirleft in Southern Morocco for 2 months to surf the Atlantic and make the album, the result is tapestry of rich experience; a well-weathered body of work hot-footing through the sands to the electric beat of it’s own bohemian ambitions.

14 instrumental tracks deep, Telemachus employs the sonic sensibilities of a youth misspent soaking up the sounds of London’s bashment raves and pirate radio stations to take us on a Super-8 cinematic trail through the Moroccan Medina, beyond the bustling Souk and over the rolling verdant hills to adventure unknown.

All tracks chopped, played, recorded, recorded, sung and mixed by Telemachus (D. Webb)

Tip o’ Hat 2 AnnaK!

Check out the vid too:

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