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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. This mix is based on one of the first ever mixes I heard that literally blew my mind and got me into dance sounds.

My much older cousin (the same one who got me into LIME) was into Hi-NRG dance culture and he gave me a hot mixtape many years ago on cassette. It was the first mixtape I had ever heard and is perhaps still the best one I ever heard till this very day. Sadly, I don’t have it anymore as I wore it out within months of having it.

It was my introduction into dance sounds and I was just intrigued by the energy and new sounds flowing from it. From that cassette I got into stuff like Lime, Yello and Bobby O’s awesome productions.

At the time, I didn’t know any of the artists on the cassette except Kraftwerk’s “Trans Euro Express”. The cassette didn’t have a tracklist and neither did I know which DJ had curated the mix. I think my cousin just nabbed it from a DJ spinning at one of the club nights he went to. I spent months searching out the tracks at record stores and finally found a lot of the artists and brought many of the tracks on vinyl. I’ve included many of those tracks here on this mixtape.

The tracks that hit me most from that mixtape were the ones by Yello, I just died when I heard that church organ and the melancholy of the track in “Lost Again”.

Also that little known Creative Connection track (which is a superior version of a famous 80’s cheesy Eurodance track) just killed me too and still does.

Forget everything else Mike Mareen has ever done, it’s all crap, pretty cheesy and a bit embarrassing BUT “Dancing in the Dark” (Galactica Remix) is still probably one of the best dance records in the world for me. It’s pure genius. Never heard anything like it at the time and never heard anything quite like it since! It has to rank as one of the world’s most underrated dance tracks in the whole history of dance music. No-one mentions it and it’s a huge injustice because there’s nothing quite like it. It occupies a whole world unto itself and it is EPIC, every single second of it!

Bobby O’ was a genius too. He stole a lot of things from many different artists, New Order, Moroder, Human League, Fancy, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and so on but he always made it sound like his own. He is also the producer behind The Flirts amongst many others. That Passion track was years ahead of its time and She Has A Way is a classic, perhaps his finest tune.

Tracks like Spacer Woman still rock hard and Mr Flagio taught Daft Punk all that they know at least 20 years before they hit the scene. Then there’s forgotten classics like Laserdance’s “Humanoid Invasion”, which was the start of the “SpaceSynth” sub-genre around that time.

Some of the tracks that appeared on the original mix are missing from my mix as I wanted to keep the mix tight and straight to the point. Those were awesome tracks like “Vicious Games” by Yello, “Trans Euro Express” by Kraftwerk and some other Hi-Nrg stuff by the likes of Divine, Hazel Dean and others.

This mix recreates that same vibe for me, listening to it, making it, I have that same euphoric feeling that I had at that time. The feeling has not diminished one bit which is a testament to the timelessness of these tracks and the powerful effect of this kind of music.

Most of the tracks are retained in their whole 12″ inch splendour, this is not the kind of music that you chop and cut short, you need to hear almost every single minute of it played out in full so far as possible.

SpaceDelica – Light

1. Outer Space – Rosetta’s Comet
2. The Flirts – P.A.S.S.I.O.N. [Original 12” Version]
3. Mike Mareen – Dancing in the Dark [Galactica Remix]
4. Yello – Lost Again [Extended Version]
5. Creative Connection – Heart & Soul [Original 12” Version]
6. The Flirts – Helpless [Original 12” Version]
7. Bobby O’ – She Has A Way[Original 12” Version]
8. Bobby O’ – I’m so Hot 4 U [Original 12” Version]
9. Mr Flagio – Take A Chance [Extended 12” Version]
10. Charlie – Spacer Woman [Original 12” Version]
11. Giorgio Moroder – The Chase [Original 12” Version]
12. Laserdance – Humanoid Invasion [Original 12” Version]

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