The Six Degrees label have been at the helm of Transnational/Global Bass since the late 90’s, early 2000’s and they just don’t get enough of the praise and credit that they deserve for it. They use to do a wonderful Traveler series of compilations curating great Indian, African and Arabic Global Club anthems and I use to use a lot of their material for my early DJ sets.

Of course, a few years ago it was also the perfect home for our ground-breaking and classic compilation “Generation Bass Presents Transnational Dubstep”.

In addition to their brilliant releases as a label, they have also been running one of the most interesting, eclectic and diverse radio shows/podcasts for a number of years, lovingly put together by Bob Duskis.

Each week, usually, consistently, without failure, he compiles a bunch of awesome tracks behind a different theme. The theme could be anything, it might be something to do with the weather or it could just be somebody’s name and he curates a bunch of tracks around that theme, all having something in common with it. I think it’s a brilliant and unique idea and he should be given a much bigger platform to express it on but as we know all great ideas usually stay residing in the underground!

This week, he put together an awesome mix of Dub from around the world and I’m really feeling it. So check it out and follow these shows cause they’re great and educational too.

Tracklist is on the player:

Traveler’s “Dub The World” Mix by Sixdegreesrecords on Mixcloud

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