Moar sounds from the heart of the new Indian Underground!!!

Diggin’ it!!

“Midland Sparks is an Indian musical outfit headed by Maitreya Rajurkar (One half of TripShot Crew) to showcase the freshest sounds of modern electronica. Treading deep into a multiplicity of genres, Midland Sparks works on a newfangled sound which is contemporary, unorthodox and takes refuge in latter-day bass music.”

“Rundrum is the debut EP by Midland Sparks and an attempt to supply a forefront brand of electronica with 3 tracks tinkering in different directions – Kecak Calling, Kingdoom and Dogma. It builds over the blue prints of drum n bass music, drawing influences from a plethora of genres such as footwork, halfstep, hip hop, trap etc and dabbles seamlessly in the 170 BPM tempo bracket to create a sound that is fresh and unique.”

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