The self-appointed “First Chinese President of US” aka Zhang Wěi dropped this awesome Mix of Balkan folkloric tunes siding heavily on the Romani side and all manner of things including Tuvan throat singers. It includes an awesome version of the Romani Anthem “Gelem Gelem”, learn more about this song’s fascinating history HERE!

This is such a great mix, beautiful and contemplative:

Here’s a translation of the “Gelem Gelem” tune and all that it stands for and also a further beautiful haunting version by the Balkan Queen herself, Esma Redzepova:

I went, I went on long roads
I met happy Roma
O Roma where do you come from,
With tents happy on the road?

O Roma, O Romani youths!

I once had a great family,
The Black Legions murdered them
Come with me Roma from all the world
For the Roma roads have opened
Now is the time, rise up Roma now,
We will rise high if we act

O Roma, O Romani youths!

Open, God, White doors
You can see where are my people.
Come back to tour the roads
And walk with happy Romani

O Roma, O Romani youths!

Up, Gypsy! Now is the time
Come with me Roma world
Dark face and dark eyes
Much as I like dark grapes

O Roma, O Romani youths!

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