Tremor 3 - PH by Mario Efron

Tremor is brilliant Buenos Aries based trio that combine rhythms and sounds across South American genre borders with digital vibes and electronic music culture into a sound that has been dubbed “Digital Folklorico” by NPR.

We’ve been huge fans of the act since the beginning of our blog and they just seem to be going from strength to strength as the years pass and they most defintely deserve a great deal more recognition.

Their dreamy, mystical, transcdental sounds get the remix treatment of tracks from their most recent album.

Really hard to take any picks from a brilliant remix album that has its fair share of thoughful and insighful remixes through to some bangers for the dancefloor but I’m really feeling the Blocktreat, Puelche and Filastine remixes.

Check it all out here:

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