One of my favourite labels of the past few years and the most exciting Portuguese label in the world, Principe Discos, have just unleashed this new mix from one of their artists show-casing all that is so captivating about the Portuguese New Wave.

The thing about the Portuguese Underground is that it’s not easy to reach out to some of the amazing young kids making music in that scene, most of whom have African ancestry.

However, Principe have managed to reach them and have been doing some amazing things with a lot of these unknown but rapidly emerging artists. They stay true to the underground with their sound and releases which preserves the magical essence of that scene and nobody else in Portugal is doing that.

On top of all of that, they have done an incredible job of reaching out to all the major blogs and magz worldwide to help spread this incredible sound, the most amazing sound of Transnational Bass to have emerged in recent years.

Another great thing about Principe is that the artists are the stars of the label, they don’t have some producer heading the label leeching on the kids talents or acting like some Personal Jesus with a bunch of disciples!

If you haven’t become accustomed to Principe Discos yet, it’s about time that you did if you have any love for the real Portuguese underground.

This is as good a start as any;

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