Sun People – For Those Who Are Not As Others

Sun People - For Those Who Are Not As Others

Sun People - For Those Who Are Not As Others

Hey there…check out this conglomerate of Bass sounds from Sun People from the past, future & present. Nice sounds! Defies boundaries, gravity & such…

Hyperboloid Records says:

“We proudly present to you the debut EP from Sun People from Austria.

After we heard this record for the first time almost a half year ago we completely fall in love with it. And still after some time has passed, we listen to this tunes and play them in clubs. But for you it will be the first time, lucky! The music of Sun People cab be categorized as juke or bass, but it has strong oldschool jungle and idm roots, thats how we love it. Also catch amazing remix from Ticklish.

Good news from the future past For Those Who Are Not As Others.”

Sun People EP:

Qapac : Future cumbia from Peru [Album]


As the year in which the scene known as ‘global bass’ will finally start to look away from the EDM formula, the 2015 has been very promising so far. But this breathtaking album that came out some weeks ago on Regional can carefully be called the best release of 2015 so far.

Qapac is an ancient-futurist from Lima, Peru, with a retro-synth touch who brings you back at the same time to a nostalgic 70s and 80s of synthesizer virtuosos like vangelis and to a high-tech Andean civilisation.

In 10, hypnagogic tracks, which may vary from almost elevator vaporwave to some more dub, reggae and chillstep flavoured tunes, Qapac transports you to a future that was a vision in the 80s, but will unfold as a reality in as you are listening!

Follow Qapac:



Beat Garden Compilation 4 by Gergaz

beat garden 4

Gifted. This simple word sums up the amount of talent, energy of the artists who composed the tracks of this fourth compilation.

It’s not the first time we talk about Gergaz label, almost a year ago we presented FVLCRVM‘s Notch EP and the third Beat Garden compilation which was already impressive. This Slovakian label managed to gather excellent artists like Jimmy Pé, FVLCRVM, Floex and many others to give some of the best slo-motion, downtempo, abstract music. If you like sounds accurately worked on, wide ambient atmosphere and uplifting beats this comp as everything present on the label is for you.

And guess what, this comp comes as a pay-what-you-want download, so you have little excuse not to get it !

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=1601197888 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]

Jimmy Pé‘s Soundcloud page : HERE ! Check it, there are more sounds to discover and download !

FVLCRVM‘s Soundcloud page : HERE ! Same thing, happy juke lovers this is for you !

Etienne Jaumet – Metallik Cages (Acid Arab Rmx)


Acid Arab are really taking Arabic fusion to the next level with a lot of their new productions as this new Remix testifies. It’s a trippy track that starts off in an eerie mood with 80’s vocoderism and gradually transforms into something really epic taking in a lot more 80’s flava with a sped up Prince Sign O’ Times sounding sample (before the infamous “oh yeah” kicks in) and eventually reaching classic Acid Arab territory.

It’s an epic journey!

Just pure class!

Sinerise : Calling


The brilliant Canadian producer Sinerise is back with a great EP of down tempo Garage with some remixes taking in lush atmospherics.

You can preview one of the tracks and grab the rest via her Bandcamp.

OVERTURE. Bound by growth, our third verse carries us lightly, with the wind.

ARIA. With open sails our humble producer & vocalist, SINERISE, introduces herself to the world with a visceral, brooding haze of downtempo garage. Layers of vocal harmony coalesce with driving low end as our hero’s debut single has her pushing forward, back to the wind.

CHORUS. Navigating uncertain waters, both SUBMERSE & Brooklyn trio ARCHIE PELAGO challenge the brewing storm, reinterpreting our hero’s account with a story entirely of their own respective design.

CODA. Limited to 200 press, the pink 10″ vinyl will available worldwide on 24 February 2015 but can be purchased in advance on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2015, exclusively from this store.

Releases 24 February 2015


Bison & Squareffekt - Odissey Of The Mind Part 2SML

Our first EP of 2015, the year that #FutureTarraxo came to life!

After their recent blistering set at the Boiler Room Lisbon, Bison & Squareffekt really mean business in 2015.

Generation Bass presents: Bison & Squareffekt – Odyssey of the Mind Part 2

“Space Age Beats from Africa, created in Portugal and presented to the world.”

We were not sure how to describe their sound when they released the first ground-breaking and innovative EP of this series and so we said it was “Future Zouk”. Since then, a far more apt and accurate description has availed itself to us, “Future Tarraxo” and these guys are the innovators of this new style.

Both of these producers are of the Portuguese New Wave and they hail from Lisbon. From Lisbon they have re-imagined Love Songs for The Blade Runner Percussion Ensemble.

This second EP continues the Love Story from where the first EP left off.

Lush melodic lines, hypnotic futuristic riddims, space-age synth-pop sounds, cinematic atmospheres, rhythmic percussion rattles the cages and the kick drums almost reluctantly gave way to bass lines and melodies but this is some serious emotional vibe.

On this EP the Lisbon boys have left earth and entered into hyper-space.

The first cut is “Lightning on Jupiter” and it opens in full HD wide-screen CinemaScope style with carefully timed synth-stabs and then the drums kick in and we’re on our way only to pause for a moment to stand a gasp as the gorgeous string arrangement sway in. Strings, that any epic blockbuster worth its weight, would kill for.

“Saturno” comes next with dramatic and epic builds and a longing in tone. This is Space Age Tarraxo! The tears of an Android never sounded so desperate!

“On it’s Way to Orbit” is the third cut and just by reading the song titles, you can tell a theme is emerging here, to go where no Tarraxo has gone before! The lush and majestic piano sounds like the finest that Erik Satie could curate the strings mirror the greatest of Bach’s adagios all under the setting sun of the Tarraxo.

The final cut “Futura” says it all really, this is the Future. A moody, sensual piece that all the walkway models would die for.

A new, mutant strand of African Diaspora has emerged from Lisbon and these two are stretching it out as far as possible!

This is Future Tarraxo!

Free Download now:





DJ Bison is one of our most exciting discoveries of recent years.

He puts the “Purple Wow” into Tarraxo!

DJ Bison aka Felisberto is 23 year old. He was raised and is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal but was born in Benguela, Angola.

He started to produce in 2008 and has done all kind of styles from Kuduro to Hip Hop to Tarraxinha.

His first Tarraxinha production was in 2008 and was called “Tarraxo Indiano”. His main source of inspiration for producing Tarraxinha came from the sound of the legendary DJ Znobia who has been widely credited as one of the creators of the Tarraxinha sound. Znobia was certainly responsible for helping the sound cross-over to the West.

After hearing DJ Znobia, Bison’s love for producing Tarraxinha grew even more.

Bison hopes that he can help to shed more new light on the Tarraxinha style and continue to produce it and assist to steer it into a new direction and into the hearts and minds of people worldwide.


Miguel Afonso AKA Squareffekt was born in Lisbon, Portugal. He is an electronic musician. He started djing and producing a few years ago and did a lot of Detroit Techno, Acid House and Miami Bass. Through the years he’s always been into music and all kinds of genres like Jungle, Dubstep, Drum & Bass. He has had the pleasure to play with some big names on the scene. Last year, he decided to stop djaying and got back to what he most likes to do, Music and sharing ideas with other producers. To his surprise he became involved with artists and music from Angola and Portugal and some genres likes Tarraxo, Tarraxinha and Zouk Bass which he found fascinating. His main goal for the near future is to release more tracks and develop new musical experiences. When he not making music, he is exploring illustration, graphic design and graffiti Art.

Squareffekt is part of the New Wave Of Portuguese Bass producers who are about to make and leave an indelible mark on this scene!

New Kid On The Blog – Roundup 4

Oil Painting Of Shinjuku At Night Tokyo Japan by Jeffrey Dale Starr

With a new year comes another roundup.

This month I had a couple of problems while doing the roundup either because of lack of time or the lack of music that I thought that was interesting enough

Anyway, as usual there are a lot of bass and unusual beats in there and I’m specially excited to bring a remix of Daft Punk’s Doin’ It Right made by Sample Jack, which isn’t like the usual stuff that I post but I found specially interesting since I don’t normally like remixes of their records.

MUADIEP – 120 [Deep House & Space Dub]


Another excellent release here from long time Austrian Bass label and originators of Barefoot, Crunchtime.

It’s a great EP full of Deep House and Space Dub sounds centred around 120BPM. You need to check it, great to mix in with your Disco and Minimal House sounds. I’m loving it!!!

Love is a Mix_Tape : the love effect#1

underwater kiss blackwhite

If you live your life as if it were a gigantic soundtrack maybe this tape is for you then. When i made this mix a year ago, i really had in mind to assemble the elements, the particles love is made of.
To give the real sweet flavour i just didn’t pick up new sounds but went digging into what struck me as being a tribute to love and its effects.
To respect the music i didn’t force any beatmatching or cuts, rather let the natural flow and harmonies blend nicely.

Future r’n’b, moombahluv tracks, musicalbox covers, sweet house, #seapunk and slo-motion music for your ears…
You can listen to the tape on my favorite site here : The love Effect#1 on
But if you’re more into SC here’s a re-up for you :

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Tracklist :

0:00, Tinashe, Boss (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
3:38, T.E.E.D, T.E.E.D – Garden (Calibre Remix) (Tri:bal Remix)
6:30, Lykke li, A Little Bit (BigMakk remix)
9:40, Crazy P & Debukas, Beatbox (Debukas Remix)
16:00, haerts, Wings (Shlohmo Remix)
19:45, Grizzly Bear, Will Calls (Diplo Remix)
23:40, Dodgy, if you’re thinking of me (FPS2 lovesick mix)
28:37, Swarms, I Gave You Everything
32:58, Rockabye Baby!, Heart-Shaped Box cover
36:25, Sebastien Schuller, Donkey boy
42:21, Little Dragon, Scribbled Paper
47:21, Ellie Goulding, Burn (Spectrem Bootleg)