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I do agree on the fact that quality music does not just rely on the technical skills of a sound engineer or the money you put into high standard preamp, analogic vintage compressor or whatever.

Baile Funk lovers must remember the low quality files scavenged around the net, amazing tracks from Tejo and Black Alien, despite the lame encoding… but that was the Punk part of the think.

I however clearly remember two times when professionally as a Dj i was confronted to the issue. And this issue generated more issues about involvement and love of the music we listen to and play.

Few years ago – geared with a Serato and a laptop i landed on the stage of a big Parisian venue, while i was setting up my stuff, the sound engineer politely dropped in our short conversation something like that : “we have one of the best audio-system in Paris here, but then some Dj come up with 128kbps mp3… You’ve got high quality audio files right ?”. He was partly reassured by the fact that i had a mix of vinyls and high quality rips for my computer files. Even though i still have in mind that remark, what’s the point of having all of this, what’s the point of gathering a few hundred people if it’s to play them something tasteless mud, cardbox sound only good to come out of a laptop speaker…

A bit later again, i landed playing into a big venue with a few good names of the Dubstep scene. I met Headhunter on this occasion… He was happy to know that i’d close the set with some hot Kuduro, we then chatted for a while and he told me that he was booked to play in Japan for a very special and demanding venue. The owner would not accept any laptop whatsoever and only high quality dubplates. I really envied him and at the same feared that i’d never be able to do the job.

Today finally we get the chance to reveal the full potential of music. Mp3 has become a lesser standard and most people got for a wav. file. Flac, Ape, Aiff are not uncommon words and to plagiarize Dj Shadow i’d say that good music is not gonna make a bad Dj good, but it will make a good Dj better.

But enough talking… so music lovers here’s a little gift from Ultimae Records label. Specialized in droning ambient sounds, this French label has never disappointed me when it gets to this kind of music.

And cherry on the cake the release comes with a 24bits studio master sound quality.

10 beautiful tracks from various artists from the label such as Scann-Tec, I Awake, Martin Non-Static and others gathered in this amwesome collection.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, surround yourself with some good gear, play the comp and let the magic do the rest.

From Ultimae Records Bandcamp page :

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we are pleased to offer you the first volume of « Enfold », a compilation of songs created with the idea of gentleness and chill.

With the kind and generous participation of Lars Leonhard, I Awake, Fingers In the Noise, Scann-Tec, Asura, Miktek, Martin non-Static, Circular, Master Margherita and AES Dana.

We wish you all a most happy and beautiful Christmas with your loved ones.

The Ultimae team

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