Astral Luv

When I initially thought of getting out the old 80’s underground club tracks that initially inspired my first forays into dance music, I didn’t realize the sheer amount of stuff that I would have to dig back up.

First, I needed a concept and so I thought up the concept of SpaceDelica to pay tribute to these sounds.

After mixing 4 volumes amounting to almost 9 hours of music (volumes 3 & 4 coming soon), it still feels like I’ve only just started to scratch the surface. There’s so much that has been left out, so many different directions I could have taken with each volume, so many directions to take up with further volumes still. But for now these 4 volumes will have to do.

The 1980’s was an awe-inspiring time for music, a time when Post-Punk, The Romantic New Wave, Hi-NRG, Italo, Electro, Hip Hop and House were beginning to emerge, all at the same time!!!

Most of the sounds spread across all 4 volumes of my mixtapes come from a short era between the 70’s and 80’s though, the time between 1977 and 1984.

Indeed Italo & Hi-NRG had an even smaller timeline from around 1980 – 1988, it served as a bridge between the end of Disco and the beginning of House. It was Post Disco and Proto House. But when House came along, it blew everything else out of the water.

An amazing time indeed and many of the sounds still so sound as futuristic today as they did back then, hence their timelessness.

I still have my older cousin to thank for getting me into many of the sounds on the mixtapes as the sounds he introduced me to serve as key influences for many of the things that I later discovered for myself.

SpaceDelica volume 1 focused on the sounds of Hi-NRG, Electronica, Italo and Post-Disco bringing to the table some of the greatest producers of that era, Kraftwerk, Moroder, Bobby O’ and Yello and some cult gems too. A mix containing some of the most essential music that I initially heard on an anonymous, long lost, un-traceable mystery mixtape that blew my mind.

SpaceDelica 2 takes in more of a romantic view of things, hence Astral Luv. It contains some saccharine coated dance sounds, often verging on the almost cheesy side but with an indelible quality to make them appear and sound ultra-cool.

There’s great Italo covers of stuff like Souvenir, originally by OMD and the perennial Bowie classic Sound & Vision. Some Baroque Pop and also some weird gothic dance sounds fused with Italo & H-NRG and some deep electronic Indie disco by legends like the Black Devil Disco Club.

It ends with a 30 minute adagio melange made up of some gorgeous instrumental pieces of electronic music appended by a rare 16 minute version of a perennial disco classic that epically influenced much of today’s club sounds, a Patrick Cowley remix of Moroder and Summer’s “I Feel Love”. There are a few tracks from other decades too on this mix and even some Neil Young in 80’s vocoder mode thrown in too!

So this is volume 2, I hope you enjoy it. As usual, recorded live on CDJ’s with manual mixing and with no pre or post production work. Basically, a live DJ mix, like all my mixes are.


1. Romano Musumarra & Claudio Gizzi – Mecadence
2. Laserdance – Final Zone
3. SpaceArt – Welcome To Love
4. Lindbaek & Lindstrom – Alien In My Pocket
5. Decadance – On and On (Fears Keep On) (Flemming Dalum Remix)
6. Saxophone – Souvenir
7. Domina – You Got My Soul (Instrumentall)
8. Domina – You Got My Soul (Vox)
9. Lian Ross – Say You’ll Never
10. Mono – Life in Mono
11. Goldfrapp – Utopia
12. Black Devil Disco Club – H –Friend
13. Black Devil Disco Club – One to Choose
14. Nancy Nova – The Force
15. Air – Kelly Watch the Stars
16. ULA – Just an Engine
17. Giorgio Moroder – E=MC2 (Alexander Robotnick Remix)
18. Giorgio Moroder – First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love
19. Kraftwerk – Die Stimme der Energie
20. Neil Young – Transformer Man
21. Bang Bang – Shoot the Model (Teen Dub)
22. Soul Mekanik – I’ll Call You (Kaghoul Mix)/ Sound & Vision
23. Kenneth Bager – Fragment No.9
24. Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygene Pt. 3
25. Sonorous – Sleep Place Airport
26. Kraftwerk – Franz Schubert
27. Vangelis – Longing
28. Lime – Rendevous on the Dark side of the Moon
29. Yello – Moon on Ice
30. Donna Summer – I Feel Love [Patrick Cowley Remix]

You can still grab volume 1 below and read about it HERE:

SpaceDelica – Light

1. Outer Space – Rosetta’s Comet
2. The Flirts – P.A.S.S.I.O.N. [Original 12” Version]
3. Mike Mareen – Dancing in the Dark [Galactica Remix]
4. Yello – Lost Again [Extended Version]
5. Creative Connection – Heart & Soul [Original 12” Version]
6. The Flirts – Helpless [Original 12” Version]
7. Bobby O’ – She Has A Way[Original 12” Version]
8. Bobby O’ – I’m so Hot 4 U [Original 12” Version]
9. Mr Flagio – Take A Chance [Extended 12” Version]
10. Charlie – Spacer Woman [Original 12” Version]
11. Giorgio Moroder – The Chase [Original 12” Version]
12. Laserdance – Humanoid Invasion [Original 12” Version]

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