So following on from where I left off in 2014, this is my first mix of 2015 but Volume 3 of the SpaceDelica series.

This one goes into hyperspace after floating in Astral Luv with volume 2 with a bunch of rare, lost, forgotten and awesome cosmic tracks from the 70’s and 80’s including some Space Rock, Space Disco and the origins of the SpaceSynth sound to create a new cycle of SpaceWave.

This one is a real psychedelic Space journey, over 2 hours of Progressive SpaceWave tunage and perhaps the epitome of “SpaceDelica”. I really wish they were still making music like this today!

Once again, some of these sounds were first introduced to me by that trusted cousin at whose home I use to spend many a summer holiday. One summer I remember him leaving me alone in his room stacked with 1000’s of vinyl and my mind literally exploding to the amazing sounds I was discovering through his amazing collection. From his collection I continued to explore on my own and found many of the tracks by searching for similar stuff in record shops.

This is music that has stayed with me to this very day and my cousin’s collection has provided me with an exceptional education and depth of taste. I could not have known a lot of this stuff without him.

Sorry no tracklist, keeping a lot of these close to my chest but it’s available in Japanese! Some of you should be familiar with some of the stuff.  Of course, those in the know will know, for those that don’t, start digging the good old-fashioned way!

As usual, recorded live on CDJ’s with manual mixing and with no pre or post production work. Basically, a live DJ mix, like all my mixes are.

SpaceDelica 3 – Cosmos

1.マブラヴドロイド – スペースウェーブ
2.ロボット – サイバー
3.火星 – ドロイドに送る
4.天王星 – ボットボット
5.悲しいアンドロイド – のHyperwave
6.コスモNauts – 高い空間
7.銀河 – チョコレート
8.ユニバーサル戦士 – インフィニティ
9.セックスロボット – 感覚
10.エイリアン – ここではアウター
11.ヒッパルコス – アストロメトリ
12.クラフトワーク – スペースラブ
13.ジョット – 彗星プローブ
14.アンドロメダ – 呪い
15.オーロラ – ホーム
16.カリスト – ニンフ愛
17.ポーシャ – ようこそ
18.オベロン – ムーンウォーク
19.冥王星 – 波
20.ケンタウルス座A – ムーンウォーク
21.エリダヌス – Acama
22.カラス – アルMouakket
23.ケフェウス座 – ハーフクレセント
24.シグナス – ファンタジー
25.電気エイリアン – Laserbounce
26.スター – ウォーズ
27.トレック – スター
28. Daleks – 誰
29.ペルセウス – 悪魔スター
30.パープルパターソン – ブライトサイド

You can still grab Volume 2 and read about it HERE:

SpaceDelica 2 – Astral Luv

1. Romano Musumarra & Claudio Gizzi – Mecadence
2. Laserdance – Final Zone
3. SpaceArt – Welcome To Love
4. Lindbaek & Lindstrom – Alien In My Pocket
5. Decadance – On and On (Fears Keep On) (Flemming Dalum Remix)
6. Saxophone – Souvenir
7. Domina – You Got My Soul (Instrumentall)
8. Domina – You Got My Soul (Vox)
9. Lian Ross – Say You’ll Never
10. Mono – Life in Mono
11. Goldfrapp – Utopia
12. Black Devil Disco Club – H –Friend
13. Black Devil Disco Club – One to Choose
14. Nancy Nova – The Force
15. Air – Kelly Watch the Stars
16. ULA – Just an Engine
17. Giorgio Moroder – E=MC2 (Alexander Robotnick Remix)
18. Giorgio Moroder – First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love
19. Kraftwerk – Die Stimme der Energie
20. Neil Young – Transformer Man
21. Bang Bang – Shoot the Model (Teen Dub)
22. Soul Mekanik – I’ll Call You (Kaghoul Mix)/ Sound & Vision
23. Kenneth Bager – Fragment No.9
24. Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygene Pt. 3
25. Sonorous – Sleep Place Airport
26. Kraftwerk – Franz Schubert
27. Vangelis – Longing
28. Lime – Rendevous on the Dark side of the Moon
29. Yello – Moon on Ice
30. Donna Summer – I Feel Love [Patrick Cowley Remix]

And you can still grab Volume 1 too and read about it HERE:

SpaceDelica 1 – Light

1. Outer Space – Rosetta’s Comet
2. The Flirts – P.A.S.S.I.O.N. [Original 12” Version]
3. Mike Mareen – Dancing in the Dark [Galactica Remix]
4. Yello – Lost Again [Extended Version]
5. Creative Connection – Heart & Soul [Original 12” Version]
6. The Flirts – Helpless [Original 12” Version]
7. Bobby O’ – She Has A Way[Original 12” Version]
8. Bobby O’ – I’m so Hot 4 U [Original 12” Version]
9. Mr Flagio – Take A Chance [Extended 12” Version]
10. Charlie – Spacer Woman [Original 12” Version]
11. Giorgio Moroder – The Chase [Original 12” Version]
12. Laserdance – Humanoid Invasion [Original 12” Version]

SpaceDelica 4 – Energy will be dropping next few days together with a tracklist:

Energy 4

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