Artwork by Gabriel Rowano

2015 will be an exciting year for moombahton. While the rest of the world gaped at the EDM bubble, bursting and shrinking like a punctured inflatable castle: deformed, silly, no longer capable of being taken seriously not even by its own people, we instead showed in three posts (1; 2; 3) how an underground which is declared dead by everybody else, remained stronger and more passionate than ever. This year, that passion will start reaping fruits.

During the finals of 2014, Generation Bass partner Steve Ohh gathered the family together for a spectacular compilation to kick off 2015. Joining forces with moombahdeep OG Ginger Shinobi, Moombah Bandits will appear in 2 major volumes.

Volume 1 is a combination of the classic moombahton sound and a variety of fresh flavours. Since fusing the club sound with the rich, under-appreciated cultural heritages of the non-Western world is one of the pillars of our philosophy, we are always enthousiastic to hear generous references and tributes to traditional Latin-Caribbean music in moombahton, reflected nicely in tracks like Kid Kobra’s ‘Pachanguero’ (moombahfying Grupo Niche’s salsa classic ‘Cali Pachanguero’), Dead Diamonds’ ‘La Suavecita’ or Cortez Syndicate’s ‘Pasaditos’. When involved in Facebook discussions about the direction and future of moombahton, I’ve always argued that moombahton is there to stay if it is not mainly pushed as a new sound for EDM but rather as a new sound for the urban-Latin scene, where it has remained very marginal so far.

If there is one producer who can establish that connection sound-wise, it is Noizekid. Together with the upcoming producer-dj Addictiv, he dropped a urban-merengue flavoured banger with absolute hit-potential.

But my favourite tracks on the album are those who take a step beyond the classic formula of sharp Dutch synths and vocal stabs. No matter how much I love early moombah, the sound needs to evolve now. Billion Dollars & Treovr created the other track from the album with absolute hit-potential, finding the perfect balance between a dembow vibe, subtle percussion and the dirty sound of underground electro-techno!

Macrohard & Jamrock as well as Mr. E chose a soothening, lush moombahdeep sound, without falling into the ‘mid-tempo’-pitfall that strips away all the Latin elements. Ysuli Bros went for a minimalistic techno inspired sound. Beatanga and Cvrtxcho (= S x m b r a = myself) both experiment with dark, futuristic avant-garde sounds drawing from psytrance, and witch-house/vapor-trap respectively. Varilla’s Istanbul could just as well been part of one of our Arabtronix compilations, a sound we can never get enough of. Kid Chaos blows up the dancefloor with a brilliant hardcore-dub-break-techno experiment. Most unique is Danny G’s Sorrows in a bottle, a thoughtful, emotional melodic track – more a listening track than something to dance to – that totally fits the spirit of the today’s youth, lead by the marble-statue mourning vibes of sadboy rap and vapor-trap.

Grab it here for free !


1. Ginger Shinobi – Moombah Bandit
2. Maxx & EJ (Feat. DYSF) – Colossal
3. Kapo – Arepa
4. Woogie – Rubber Band
5. Los XL – Moombah Que?
6. Fautre – Dale Media Vuelta
7. Mambo Killers – Pa Que Se Rompa
8. Noizekid & Addictiv – Major Combo
9. dOpe Tendencies x Neorev – Sway
10. Varilla – Istambul
11. Danny G – Sorrows in a Bottle
12. Wost – Recuerda
13. !TENAZ! – Legend
14. Ysuli Bros – The Beat
15. Cortez Syndicate – Pasaditos
16. Marco Villarroel – Ready
17. Gabriel Rowano – Dale Frikitona
18. Pixie Trace – Bandolera
19. Billion Dollars & Treovr – Tracka
20. Masta – Suden
21. Dead Diamonds – La Suavecita
22. KiD KOBRA – Pachanguero
23. Monsieur Manuel – Chicken
24. Cvtrxcho ( = S x m b r a) – Entiende
25. Bass Syndicate – Hambriento
26. Gingee – Más Moombah
27. Macrohard X Jamrock – Just Checkin
28. Mr. E – Can’t Go
30. Selecta Doc – Bubble & Wine
31. Cepillo Cuevas – Que Bahton!
32. Beatanga – Decision
33. Eskeleto – 2 a.m.
34. Sherburt – Crotch Grab
35. Peacethefvckout – Get It
36. Naybr – Putati

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