I kept this post aside for a while, a while became a long time and then it became too late. I didn’t really enjoy 2014, not a very bright year with lots of mishaps and things like that. But then living in France and taking into account what happened recently, i can only conclude that so far 2014 was better than this year.

So please enjoy this post, enriched with new elements. These bands were and still are my favorite.


It could sound like a good Palahniuk with a thick sultry atmosphere. It could be the deadly lullaby you sing innocently to your small loved one, unaware of the poison dripping off, invisible and silent, from the words. When I heard for the first time Gooey in February last year I thought… That’s it. That’s the song. The lyrics are dark and acid, sad and cynical and the music seemed to have come genuine…

The most amazing is certainly that if you’re from the suburbs of Paris you can actually hear the track being played at least twice a day on the trains’platforms, funny and scary at the same time to see people wistling the tune without understanding a single word of the song.

Banks the new glamourous singer, “the perfect girlfriend”, got herself a great unofficial remix by Glass Animals which is a must download as it’s amazing !

(It’s a free download !)

Walla Walla adds this extra oriental touch to the album, extending the landscape of their music from the moist and quite jungle of Flip to the hot desert of Walla and flying back to the mild tempered forests of Cocoa Hooves.


Your magnificent defeat

First the title of the track and the quality of the performance really moved me. Pilgrim a synth, electro pop band released this album for free last yearl. With multiple influences, among them we find the psyche-revival of Tame Impala, and the folkstep of a Jahan Lennon.

I’ve been surprised

You can show your support and even download the album for free HERE !


While some would mistakenly call Glass Animals a trip hop band I myself think that A/T/O/S fits its part as a renewer of the genre. The difference with a Massive Attack the flagship of the movement being for example an attention to the depth of the lyrics.

Very sadly and that’s my mistake, i should have an interview of the band. Maybe soon, maybe later.


A quiet tragedy, a silent riot peeling of the layers of your brain to shake your neurons and try to make you think. Not so usual in electronic music…


A beautiful song against the war. Clear words for a very clear piece of thought.

The band also released a beautiful mixtape in November. Really worth listening.

(It’s a free download)


Sampha Too much
Released in December last year this track extracted from the Ep has something noble, emotional similar to a good James Blake track.

Jamie XXGirl and Sleep Sound

On the same comp you’ll find these beautiful tracks of Jamie XX (Sleep Sound is only available on vinyl format).

The term Young Turks referred to the members of the Ottoman society who were progressive, modernist and opposed to the status quo.

This is reference to the historical movement no less, those dissidents against the norm, the label aesthetic is not far removed however… Pitched at the front of London hipsterdom since 2006 Young Turks has been a challenging proving ground for artists as diversely exciting as Gang Gang Dance, Holy Fuck, Kid Harpoon, Wavves, White Rabbits and Jack Penate. Now in the ’09 Young turks have discovered one of the hottest young talents on the guitar scape The xx.


Drama Junkie

Close to a Jon Hopkins. It shares the quality and possibly default also. Deep with a strong rave feeling it raises a violent tension, a will to burst but however stops before the climax. It reminds me of my younger years on cold evening parking lots lighting up a cigarette I craved for all the day. And then nothing… The fix is not strong enough, my brain doesn’t get drowned in a rush of adreanalized ecstasy… Damn !

This track comes from To Love Until We Say Goodbye released mid-december last year.


If, Dosem could have got hands onto some analogic machines it would have been the tech-house album of the decade. I think i’ve never listened so much to an album over the last two months. It’s beautiful, it’s clever, you find hints to golden tunes of the past years, Daft Punk’s Burnin’, HatirasSpace Invader, Lil’ LouisFrench Kiss

Lost Taxi by Dosem.

Expression by Dosem.

Sorry i couldn’t help myself. I discover Hatiras through J Magik’s amazing remix.

Cos of me by Dosem.

Lil’LouisFrench Kiss.

Daft Punk’s Burnin’.


I don’t know much about this artist, according to the few info i managed to get, the band is from Germany, maybe a solo project, with young and talented Anke Sommer who sings.

Falling by Enkidu

This track released on Seeking Blue, the label that shelters Rameses B and backed up by the Youtube channel MrSuicideSheep has everything we would expect from a chilled downtempo track. It’s like a crash into a wall in slow motion, an enthrolling tragedy that leaves us forsaken and solitary at the end of the song.

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