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If there’s one thing that can unite love and frustration it must certainly be tango. The pleasure of contact, the warm touch of a naked leg, the liberty of being willingly enslaved or puppetered, the anger of the doll frustrated because it is not properly mastered. The violence of love and the love of violence, this is all tango. My teacher is Tunisian, not South American. The first time i saw him dancing i was mesmerized by the sensuality, the way this man who modestly describes him as fairly physically average could embrace a beautiful woman, make her even more beautiful. I love the way he never discarted his culture but rather integrated it to reach a liberty of moves and steps in a structure rather classic. My only ambition is to be him, one day but neither today nor tomorrow as this dance taught me also a good lesson of patience.

There’s another frustration i haven’t mentioned yet. The music, now that we are friends, and now that i’m more at ease with the moves, i complain. I complain a lot to be honest. The music is often a problem. “Can’t we dance for once on something not composed by a guy who died 50 years ago ?”, “No, seriously, what is that singing ? The guy lost his dog and his girlfriend again ?”, “nothing a bit more modern maybe ?”. I started being the jerk you can find bothering the Dj at a party.

For me tango has something sweaty, moist and sexual, something raw, angry and kinky. I dreamt for hours of tango party that would end up in a rave. But i can clearly see that it won’t happen so soon. At least not here in Paris.

Maybe the problem is the electro in electro-tango. I’ll be straight forward for this one : it can be terribly cheap. Electro-tango is in most cases a bridge built in a hurry between two cultures that have difficulties to find a common ground. Whereas electro-cumbia managed the transition and found a second life. Electro-tango didn’t simply because the old tango is not dead and therefore finds many obstacles to a rebirth.

It doesn’t mean that we have to remain desperate about it. Listening to UMB’s excellent Tango mixtape i made one of my own and then a second one. Bearing in mind a few rules learnt for the mixes i heard in tango dance balls. An intro, a lively tanda, a quiet one, to keep the track to the end if possible, something to make a break… But it remains a mix, so i can’t guarantee lots of people will dance to it, but i know some did !

For this first tango tape, i really wanted to find a transition between the two universes rather than forcing electro onto tango or vice versa.

You can listen and download the tape using mix.dj which i favor at this time, a friendlier community and lots of tapes to listen to – the only problem being that they don’t have any player widget for the moment, so here’s the link to the mix.

And here’s the same thing on more classic but efficient enough Mixcloud. Whatever you prefer !

01 El Exilio Del Tango – Tango Tripping Project
02 Buenos Aires: Paris – Le Griser
03 Amor Porteno – Gotan Project & Cristina Vilallonga
04 Paradise Circus – Massive Attack
05 can things be better – 21 grams OST
06 toxic (melanie cover) – cestladore trap work
07 Colour in Your Hands feat Fink – Dlid
08 twilight – Sub Focus – Torus
09 My Friends Never Die – ODESZA
10 Odyssey feat. LP (Kamandi Headspin Remix) – Benny Tones
12 Burning bright – Maya Jane Coles ft. Kim Ann Foxman
13 4U – Kick10
14 Pandora’s Box (ELO Remix) – Toddla T feat Gabor Roses
15 No Doubt (feat. Rosie Lowe) – Lil Silva
16 Waking – Koda & Bijou


The second one, implies more colaboration between the sounds as electro responds to tango concluding on folk. The mix.dj link is here and here’s the mixcloud thing if you prefer !

0:00, Ane Brun, To Let Myself Go
03:13, Orquesta De Tango Silencio, El Violin De Becho
07:05, Bajofondo, Borges y Paraguay, original
11:32, j.viewz, oh something’s quiet, original
13:38, Saul Cosentino , Ultimatum ( Digitalcoya remix)
15:38, Bajofondo, perfume
19:05, portishead, glorybox
23:20, Tanghetto, Aire (Tanghetto mix)
27:27, Quadro Nuevo, Aventure
30:26, Scat, Que Vengo
34:44, Peace Orchestra, The Man [Gotan Project El Hombre de la Pampa Mix]
39:28, La Yegros, Viene de Mi
41:50, Jaime Torres, Ciudad Blanca
46:01, Fink, Perfect Darkness

Art by Fabian Perez.

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