Quite unintentionally this week, here on Generation Bass it’s become a bit of spotlight on the mass of growing talent from the Egyptian Underground started by yours truly. You find someone who leads on to someone else and it goes on and on and on and on, until you have to pause for a breath!

Another amazing talent I’ve come across recently is this dude, Hussein Sherbini. A live Techno set that he did in Techno’s Motherland, Berlin, about 1 year ago really caught my ear.

It’s a dark, broody, cinematic sound scape of epic apocalyptic proportions. It’s a set that consists of a bunch unreleased material, most of which I think remains unreleased to present date. This really took me to a dark, mad but beautiful place:

The other track that caught my ear was one from a recently released compilation on Futro Records. I checked out the whole comp but this track was the ONE!

Watch out the real Egyptian Revolution is coming!

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