okey szoke

Deep into experimental beats and melodies this latest release on Brother Sister Records is in the line with the deep ambient strange chaotic and fascinating world of uncommon sounds that characterize the label. Tamborzão beats are slowed down, broken into small parts and added to other drum beats to create for each track a personal journey under the tropical sun of Brazil.
The Ep is made of 4 original tracks by Okey Szoke (founder of the label Brother Sister Rec) and two remixes.

From the website :

We celebrate our 25th release with an EP by one of our founding members. On Mahangu, Okey Szoke pays homage to the latest wave of Brazilian funk / ostentação being pushed forward by artists such as Deejay Caaio Doog and Dj DouglinhasMPC. Motifs from those genres speckle the release, and interact with bass and ambient structures.

The EP was recorded in Namibia in between field trips to remote desertous locations, ghost towns, sand dune clusters, vast canyons and regular interactions with flocks of oryxes and springboks. Tracks 1 and 2 feature samples of vocals from rising Namibian artist DJ Kleva Kaslam, whose debut EP is slated for release with BSR in the first half of 2015.
The EP contains a frenzied remix by Portuguese/French Neo-Kuduro DJ, Nidia Minaj, who has forthcoming releases on Portugal’s Principe Discos and France’s Bazzerk record labels and whose debut, Estudio Da Mana, was released through BSR in 2014.
Australian grime wunderkind Strict Face also weighs in with a remix, following up on impressive releases with Gobstopper, Tuff Wax and Mumdance’s Different Circles.

1. Mahangu
2. Crew Montagem (Ft. DJ Kleva Kaslam)
3. Broetchen (Dedicado ao Ricardo & Lk)
4. Strepsils
5. Mahangu (Nidia Minaj FIRE remix)
6. Crew Montagem (Strict Face’s Expedition Remix)

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