Celt Islam is the world’s only Sufi Dub dude, the only one in the whole damn world, that’s how unique he is!

He’s just banged out yet another great EP called “Irfan”.

This one features some glorious sitar playing by enlightened American muslim convert, Dawoud Kringle aka The Renegade Sufi and British Dancehall/Reggae legend Danman.

This one is scented with Eastern mysticism and Sufi sounds fused with deep Jamaican Dub and so get your incense out, spark up and let the music take control.

Stand out for me is the title track “Irfan” going back to the classic and addictive Celt Islam sound!

BTW, he has just been confirmed once again to play at Glastonbury 2015 at The Cave and so catch him there in the summer!

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