Over the past 6-8 months, I’ve been finding less and less inspiration emanating from the Transnational Bass scene and it’s kinda hit a rut. Apart from the brilliant Tarraxo/Fodencia/Industrial Kuduro inspired stuff, in all its guises, there’s been very little to shout about. I’m sure that will soon change in 2015, I bloody hope so as otherwise I won’t find much interesting material to blog about.

Here’s something that greatly interests me though and it has to be one of the best Trans Bass releases of 2015 thus far alongside our recently released #FutureTarrxo EP by Bison & Squareffkt.

Clap Your Feet Records sent this to me around Xmas time and I was totally mind-blown by this very strange and quite original EP.

Thematically, it’s pretty much in line with my recent moods and thoughts on Space with my SpaceDelica mix series (albeit that focused on underground 80’s sounds) and also the outer-wordly #FutureTarraxo vibes that we’ve been feeling.

Sound-wise though, this EP takes its own path, fusing Psychedelic Outer Space with African & South American riddims with eerie Alien atmospherics and with strange squeaky pitched up vox creating a unique and totally captivating and trippy cinematic journey that I am really enjoying being a part of. There’s Colombian Trap vibes, Kalimba-fused Space Cumbia, Shangaan-esque moods, Lazer Bass, Juke, Dub and so much more!

This is an awesome EP, the kind of stuff that excites me about music in this scene and a real great start to 2015.  I hope the releases in 2015 can live up to the expectations that one has about Trans Bass music that for me have been fully delivered by this EP.

We’ve got a great exclusive to give you, an Arabic inspired Tarraxo track and it’s da bomb, the best I’ve heard:

Grab this whole tremendous EP for free:

In a strange twist of Global Warming, LIQUID ROCKZ are back with some hot beats for these cold times. From futuro-Columbian Trap vibes, to the Kalimba-fused space Cumbia, the feeling is at once rooted in traditional sounds that stare off into outer space, blending and mind bending.

On GRINGO, South American cultural influences meld with Club-music influences New Jersey / Philly / B-More, which are filtered through these German atmospheric shades to provide music that is a step forward while being a look back. The rhythms are authentic yet robotic; an electronic re-palette, complete with mysterious alien vocals and trippy melodies intact.

Indeed, a number of tracks on GRINGO are re-interpretations (not really a “cover”, mind you) of songs from yesteryear. We find that coming to full effect with tweaked- out vocals and ultra-melodic basslines dancing around with the Funky Drummer. There’s bubbling rhythms and as the intensity builds, you have pure dance floor bliss in the form of organic future dub. More Club beats find their way along side obese synth washes, intense pumping bass, and disembodied vocal chops. Even right from the beginning, the album melds different worlds and minds.

This adequately prepares your mind for the eclectic journey the music of LIQUID ROCKZ takes you on.

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