We just got word of this report about the brutal death of Ahmed “Zo’la” Mohsen, one of the main electro chaabi artists, and a very talented and kind guy. I only had a brief meet with him when he and his friends SADAT and FIFTY were over at the Incubate festival last year. We only talked a bit about gear and beats in very broken english, but he struck me as a genuine nice guy.

From the EGYPT INDEPENDENT: Zo’la was buying clothes with his friends and sustained the gunshots when he was leaving back home, stressing that the deceased had no political affiliations.He revealed that doctors at the Zeitoun Hospital were trying to convince his family and friends to sign a postmortem claiming that he committed suicide, presumably to spare themselves lengthy investigation procedures required should his death be registered as by gunshot.

Abdel Aziz said that his family, however, rejected the suggestion, adding that they were taking him from the hospital to a morgue to carry on procedures with prosecution services. “We just want to bury him, it is unfair for him,” Abdel Aziz said.

Read the rest for yourself here below… Our thoughts are with his family & friends.


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