The brilliant Canadian producer Sinerise is back with a great EP of down tempo Garage with some remixes taking in lush atmospherics.

You can preview one of the tracks and grab the rest via her Bandcamp.

OVERTURE. Bound by growth, our third verse carries us lightly, with the wind.

ARIA. With open sails our humble producer & vocalist, SINERISE, introduces herself to the world with a visceral, brooding haze of downtempo garage. Layers of vocal harmony coalesce with driving low end as our hero’s debut single has her pushing forward, back to the wind.

CHORUS. Navigating uncertain waters, both SUBMERSE & Brooklyn trio ARCHIE PELAGO challenge the brewing storm, reinterpreting our hero’s account with a story entirely of their own respective design.

CODA. Limited to 200 press, the pink 10″ vinyl will available worldwide on 24 February 2015 but can be purchased in advance on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2015, exclusively from this store.

Releases 24 February 2015

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