beat garden 4

Gifted. This simple word sums up the amount of talent, energy of the artists who composed the tracks of this fourth compilation.

It’s not the first time we talk about Gergaz label, almost a year ago we presented FVLCRVM‘s Notch EP and the third Beat Garden compilation which was already impressive. This Slovakian label managed to gather excellent artists like Jimmy Pé, FVLCRVM, Floex and many others to give some of the best slo-motion, downtempo, abstract music. If you like sounds accurately worked on, wide ambient atmosphere and uplifting beats this comp as everything present on the label is for you.

And guess what, this comp comes as a pay-what-you-want download, so you have little excuse not to get it !

Jimmy Pé‘s Soundcloud page : HERE ! Check it, there are more sounds to discover and download !

FVLCRVM‘s Soundcloud page : HERE ! Same thing, happy juke lovers this is for you !

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