As the year in which the scene known as ‘global bass’ will finally start to look away from the EDM formula, the 2015 has been very promising so far. But this breathtaking album that came out some weeks ago on Regional can carefully be called the best release of 2015 so far.

Qapac is an ancient-futurist from Lima, Peru, with a retro-synth touch who brings you back at the same time to a nostalgic 70s and 80s of synthesizer virtuosos like vangelis and to a high-tech Andean civilisation.

In 10, hypnagogic tracks, which may vary from almost elevator vaporwave to some more dub, reggae and chillstep flavoured tunes, Qapac transports you to a future that was a vision in the 80s, but will unfold as a reality in as you are listening!

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