Sun People - For Those Who Are Not As Others

Sun People - For Those Who Are Not As Others

Hey there…check out this conglomerate of Bass sounds from Sun People from the past, future & present. Nice sounds! Defies boundaries, gravity & such…

Hyperboloid Records says:

“We proudly present to you the debut EP from Sun People from Austria.

After we heard this record for the first time almost a half year ago we completely fall in love with it. And still after some time has passed, we listen to this tunes and play them in clubs. But for you it will be the first time, lucky! The music of Sun People cab be categorized as juke or bass, but it has strong oldschool jungle and idm roots, thats how we love it. Also catch amazing remix from Ticklish.

Good news from the future past For Those Who Are Not As Others.”

Sun People EP:

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