Guvibosch : Jerusalem Bass


We’ve told you about Guvibosch before about 6 months ago HERE!

He’s originally from Jerusalem but now based in Berlin. He has collaborated with Rocky B as “Neft” on an EP which we’ll be releasing soon called “Dead”!

Guvibosch is back with some new tracks that highlight his individual take on dark industrial beats bordering on the experimental and Dubstep.  This is really captivating material and so take it in and prepare yourself for the upcoming Neft release.

#FUTURE TARRAXO : Photo Romance – Lagoa Roxa


The future in #Future Tarraxo is looking very bright. Many, including me, will point to the brilliant “Perfect Lullaby” mixtape by the awesome Nguzunguzu (who once told me some years back that they loved Generation Bass, I mean who doesn’t lol) as the instigator for this whole new movement of sound.

Pioneers like Bison & Squareffekt have also taken the bull by the horns and pushed this sound further in the past 18 months.  So much further that half of the recently entitled “Zouk Bass Volume 2” compilation released by Enchufada wasn’t really Zouk Bass at all but rather leaning more towards #FutureTarraxo of the Bison & Squareffekt variety!  Indeed, the first half of the compilation sounded like a Bison & Squareffekt EP!

I mean even Bjork’s producer Arca got in on the #Future Tarraxo vibe recently with his exceptional “Thievery” track, the title perhaps denoting his theft from Angola 🙂 and given that he had been checking out some Angolan Tarraxo producers on his soundcloud prior to this release!

Following hot on the heels of the above 2 is French producer Photo Romance who, like Bison, has family roots going back to Angola!  He takes the #FutureTarraxo sound and provides it with a really sensual underpinning.

I have loved his take on #Future Tarraxo from the beginning and was even a massive admirer of his booty-shaking material when he was known as Marv Da Pimp!

On his new EP, he creates a stunning and sensual soundtrack of an EP for broken hearts everywhere.  It’s a fantastic voyage and a heartbreaking one to boot.  Every single track is KILLER!

It’s an epic, widescreen cinematic space symphony of blissful African <3!

Here’s what he says:

“Lagoa Roxa’s six chapters give birth to sensual mysteries hidden deep in the jungle, beneath the mist of the purple lagoon. Photo Romance explores the realms of at 90 BPM with his silky and intricate melodies. This gem showcases some unique Future Tarraxo rhythms blending classic drums, drum machines, recorded percussions and more…. An ode to romance, erotic adventures, and mysticism. Enjoy this smooth, hypnotic ride!”

Renart – Élégies


An amazing producer from France whose stuff I’ve been into for a while now. Pure Class!

“The fox is dead. Being a sly rascal, Renart confronts the fauna of the forest, and flies away like a Wyvern. Let him beguile you… Imagine a Fox-Pegasus with cherub wings, flying right through synthetic clouds. Music with mythological notes, this EP is a modern techno version of Fantasia, a history of hypnosis and psyche, made of insistent repetitions, memories of happy mornings, when stars are dying away.”

Here’s his amazing new EP:

25 free Drvg Cvltvre Remixes


Our dude Drvg Cvltvre just let loose on 25 free amazing remixes covering his Doom Disco, Avante Garde & Techno flips of pretty cool tracks to make them even cooler. Head over to his soundcloud and grab them all for zilch. Here’s a few to get you started:



In November 1995, The Wire published an article titled “Advice to Clever Children.” In the process of producing the interview, a package of tapes containing music from several artists, including Aphex Twin, was sent to Karlheinz Stockhausen.

He commented:

“ I heard the piece Aphex Twin of Richard James carefully: I think it would be very helpful if he listens to my work “Song of the Youth,” which is electronic music, and a young boy’s voice singing with himself. Because he would then immediately stop with all these post-African repetitions, and he would look for changing tempi and changing rhythms, and he would not allow to repeat any rhythm if it [was] varied to some extent and if it did not have a direction in its sequence of variations.”

Aphex Twin responded: “I thought he should listen to a couple of tracks of mine: ‘Didgeridoo,’ then he’d stop making abstract, random patterns you can’t dance to”.

Above text via .crying in yr face.

Sound below from Aphex Twin’s Soundcloud:




This week, the great producer Dj Chernobyl send me this amazing release from label Vlad(a french label working in a new model of industry music. They have good releases talking about frech, indie, gheto and folg music. Few of this release is for free download, take a listen here). The EP, Pusha, is a mix of Balkan music with baile funk – which I always thought it was a great combination, but never had a great hit to push the genre to next level. Detail: With Chernobyl, this production is signed by BxPx, giving the east europen accent to track.

Listening to all 4 tracks, the original and 3 remixes, I asked him for a free download track, because there was a amazing material to post here to GB readers. And guess what, WE HAD IT!

It was hard to choose one track for this post. Dj Edgar created a amazing funk vibe mixing his own and unique style to produce and sample to remix it. Solo go ahead and explore the essence of balkan using a lot of akkordeon and giving a new face and rhythm to remix. The Tegaro remix, is that kind of music you can hear in a movie chase scene where the good guy is behind the bad guy and something explose and there is cars and bikes and….you know rigth?!

Well, as you can imaginated, I choose the Dj Edgar remix. (to download, click here and save as)


But you can purchase all the EP too in the link below. You, as a lot or readers, know how hard is the music business, and it’s so hard to receive for a remix or production. So help the next, is the first step to help you, right? Maybe with a digital purchase or with the physical CD. You can choose, but choose one.


Bumps feat. Mc Gi – Berimbau [Clup Popozuda Recordings]



THIS WEEK WE HAD GREAT RELEASES ABOUT NEO FUNK: First the Pusha Ep, now the Berimbau.

Our UK freind from Club Popozuda always work with neo baile. Actually, we can set: Club Popozuda, Xão Productions, Apavoramento and Funk na Caixa as the ‘label’ which is everytime releasing material of funk. In the good and bad moments of this genre, they are always releasing good material. But, this 4 aren’t label, they are just a place talking and working with neo baile music. But something maybe is changing.

Berimbau isn’t the first release of CP (there is Chuck Upbeat and Rafael Aragon release) , but is the first from BUMPS with the singer Mc Gi, from Santos. Gi worked more in neo Baile between 2008 and 2011, now she has a studio. BUT, (again), something changed: or by a invite or for fun.

With 6 tracks, been 5 remixes, this debut from Bumps on CP Records is a amazing example how funk can be a global sound. The banger and more exmplosive track, should be the remix of Comrade – I’m a big fan of his work. He is one of global producers who understand exactly the idea of funk carioca, beats, drops, bass line and etc etc etc. Of course, he is on this movement since 2003 more less. So he is like a PHD on remix material to funk style.

Bumps, as manager and owner, did more another remixes: Favela House. My second favorite is remix from The Word, and it’s great. Specially about the bass line. He can rename it as maximal or 2008 remix. F*ck, I missed to listen to this kind of bass line.

There is other two guests to this EP: Symbiz and Illexxandra. Symbiz get the free pass to create his own global-beat-soka-style. Using some influence from soka and Africa Beats – this is the idea when you want to do some global beat – this remix is tottally crazy. Plus, he create a new melody with electro and acid influence. About Illexxandra remix, Mc Gi recieve a special attention here and producer let she sing! YAY!


10710583_10203487038828851_7790465077949825313_nMc Gi


Love is a Mix_Tape : love underwater mixtape #03


It’s raining outside, maybe snowing, you miss the sea, the sun, the quietness of the waves slowly washing off the sand off your feet. Here’s a little thing for you, a blend of everything i scavenged among labels and releases a few years ago.

It starts with the beautiful remix of Sun GlittersBeside me, mashed up with Mandinga from Novalima (i thank so much Rafael Aragon for telling me about this band).
Enjoy !

Check the link to access the mixtape on (still no widget available sorry)

love underwater mixtape #03

Tracklist :

0:00, Sun Glitters, Beside me (essay’s calm interpretation)
0:51, Novalima, Mandinga
6:32, Attic, Seath Ft Alex Auldsmith
9:24, Scullious, girl
13:23, Seath, sorry
16:21, Rachel Haircut, #NICODEINE CRUSH
19:30, Above & Beyond feat. ZoJohnston,You Got To Go (Owsey Remix)
23:00, Submotion Orchestra, Always, Synkro Remix
26:14, Everything But The Girl, Miss (coven remix)
29:36, SB-Six, Find me
31:45, Noisestorm, Breakdown
36:07, Neo Geo, Vina
42:22, Stumbleine, The Corner Of Her Eye (EvenS Remix)
44:28, Lana Del Rey, Video Games (koda cover)
45:40, Thievery Corporation, Sweet Tides

Picture credit : talented and subversive Chinese artist Benjamin



Introducing: Salsa Choke by Latino Resiste

Captura de tela 2015-02-22 às 22.06.22


Day by Day, more ghetto music is coming up for global crew. And when it appear it’s a good oportunity to: we knew more about a new trend musical, understand which factors result in this kind of music, know more about the country and their culture.

This post is to introduce the Salsa Choke (Pronounced Choh- kech) from Cali – Colombia, and the label (if we can call that) responsable for this compilation and search is nothing less Latino Resist – the place where you listen all the good shit from Latin America for free. Better then this, Lation resist show to you a alternative to new music and new culture.a

The idea here isn’t to start a new global trend as twerk became, or jersey club. Here, the idea is to listen to sound that you should never heard before because this producers never had a chance to show your talent.

First example of this new Salsa is the  Wiky Wiky by Patio 4. This music is  a kind of remix from Missy Eliot – Get Freaky, and remixes is the best choice to undersand a new movement. You will recognize the elements of the original and the new parts and you will thougth: “oohhhh yes, got it!”

Other good music to this sound is Tuky Tuky Luky by Matblack & Leka El Poeta. This production use the melody of Dr. Dre and Snopp Dogg, Next Episode. And again, you can associate the elements of original in remix.

Talking about music, this neo salsa has influence of hip-hop (with a mc singing in beats), reggaeton, reggae, caribean music and, of course, salsa.

Nothing with much influence of bass culture, and it sound different from original salsa. There is a lit touch of gangata elements, and maybe one or other track will be good to include in a mixtape of latin music. As Tuky Tuky Luky, I listened 3 times already while I’m writing it.



The best part of it is: you can download all material for free in this Link. There is 10 musics with art and covers and all details.

Say thanks to Latino Resist. They are doing a great job!