My Russian bro Chuck Upbeat (member of Midget Ninjas, the masterminds of Soviet Bass) has just dropped awesome 60-minutes-60-tracks live mix! He says the following:

“My Globally awesome mix for you! The speed is 60 tracks per hour. I could hardly smoke a cigarette or pour some rum while I was recording it.

Mix is made of absolutely noncommercial music. So if you love new interesting sound I will give you 60 tracks in an hour (and 14 minutes lol). If you prefer big label guaranteed music, my mix won’t be a best decision for you.

Global Bass is about to be unique and globally understandable at the same time. A Global Bass producer is recognized by his sound, the style of production first of all. Everything you will hear tomorrow in the sets of TOP djs and best radio stations began in the underground. Today this underground space belongs to Global Bass music. This scene unites the most talented producers from different parts of the planet. As for me I belong to underground scene because it always has something new and I never get bored discovering new music, new genres.

So give it up for “Bad Signal” 60 tracks an hour (almost) live mix, crazy, wikkid, sick shit.”




01. Clap! Clap! – Ashiko
02. Buraka Som Sistema – Vuvuzela (Carnaval)
03. Buraka Som Sistema- Vuvuzela (Carnaval) (Meith Rework)
05. Chuck Upbeat – Voodoo Power
06. Schlachthofbronx – Up
07. PANAME & B.N.P.B – Loko
08. Costuleta – Tchiriri (Versano Laroz x Reyna Ferrera Kuduro Bootleg)
09. FdA – Trap Girl Shake (Original Mix)
10. O.T. Genasis – Coco (Stabber & Lazy Ants Bootleg
11. DZC Deejays – King Kong Vs Munchies ( Kuduro Mashup )
13. Cheeto! – Bananas
14. PutУ Babбa – Stres nO beaat – InspiraЗгo 2013
15. Dj Ly-coOx
16. WilliCoOx- Bela Louca
17. [M].J ProduЗхes [Triunfos] – [O]s MaiisQuentes
18. Dj Ademar – Mexe o Pй (ft Andrй do Poster)
19. James Nasty – Do It (Bot Edit)
20. White Gangster – Fire
21. WildSound – Jungle Anthem (Original Mix)
22. Chuck Upbeat – 3ball Predator Theme
23. Jet Airess X S&P – Rimba Borneo (Original Mix)
24. 4B – Bomboclat (Hasse de Moor Bootleg)
25. Buraka Som Sistema – In A Minute (feat. Alo Wala)
26. Mozambican Roots (Dj ivan 90,Dj freddy da stupid,Dayto,fresh beats) ft Wes – Mizobiya Remix
27. Dj Malvado Jr ft. Os Banah – Crazy Drums Mandiocas(Dzc Deejays Remake2015)
28. Chuck Upbeat – Baile Folk Girls (VIP Remix)
29. Clap! Clap! – Conqueror (remorse _ withdrawn)
30. Ojos De Brujo – muneco rumba dub style remix
31. Chuck Upbeat – Dream
32. schlachthofbronx feat. buraka som sistema – volumen
33. Dj Willicox – Someone Like You!! LSPRO
34. Go Tiago – Torch
35. William Bulldozer – Hamsa Arabic (original mix)
36. EL $ABOR – Pa’ las Borrachas
37. Insane Fennel X 8U8A – Chaotic Inhale
38. Munchi x Frikitona – As Ruivas
39. Black Sails OST Theme – Chuck Upbeat edit
40. Insane Fennel – SlimLine
41. Dj Neir – Do Jeito Da Malandragem
42. Dadifox Trompete Magica Ghetto Tarraxo Danger PDDG
44. Kin Rocha – Ritmo do ataka (feat MC Poiaka)
45. Waiting for my Rucca (Eephus’ Tribal edit)
46. HamOHussieN
47. Jay Danko – Jiggle Anthem
48. Mouse on Mars & Mathew Herbert – Double Gum
49. Just-Do-You
50. Rafael Aragon – Punjabi Bhangra (feat. Tropikore)
51. Chuck Upbeat – No title yet
52. Chuck Upbeat – Jungles Alive
53. Nazar – III. 10 000 Africans
54. Neki – AK-47 (Original Mix)
55. Soundcloud Audio Poop “Denacious T”
56. Supersister – Dona Nobis Pacem (DJ Shadow Remix)
57. Howie Lee – KOU
58. MVYDVY – Arabdose
59. CJ_BEEP – Robot monster
60. Debruit & Alsarah – Jibal Alnuba

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