Great mix here of 80’s Techno that was first dropped about a year ago for 716 Music.

It’s by Flemming Dalum, an 80’s Italo DJ and later producer. I featured some of his stuff on my SpaceDelica mixtape series.  On this mix he explored some of the earliest Techno tracks from his pretty vast music collection and it’s a fascinating listen.

As he told 716:

“After italo faded away for me in 1986, became to Commercial and lost the magic, I moved to new beat and I have ALL new beat records ever released. After new beat died the belgian’s raised tempo and it became hard beat, Skizzo and eventually early European techno which I also loooove…. and I really got 99% of all early European techno records”

Here also is an old TAPE MIX that he did and here’s what he told 716 about it:

“I recorded this mix on an old cassettetapedeck with a manual pause function – which gave me possibility to stop / pause the recording exactly on a beat !… then change the records and continue the recording. This was done many many times in this mix

This was not possible on newer cassettetapedecks – because they came with electronic pause function which gave approx. 1/10 of a second in delay”

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