Once in a while, you meet a soulmate whose vision and mission resonates on a deep level with how you experience the world. Shinji is such an artist, whose emotional deconstructionism strikes a deep chord with me. This week, he released his newest EP, ‘Vers les Etoiles’, on URL Future netlabel. A perfect opportunity to introduce this upcoming producer from Paris to Generation Bass readers.

GB: Members of the URL Future family will be familiar with your name already, what do Generation Bass readers absolutely need to know about the artist Shinji?

S: I do music to deliver emotions and feelings, sometimes with messages, about myself and the world I live in and about the connection between mankind and its environment and society.

GB: Your style could be described as very deconstructionist, constantly blending the familiar with the uncanny and unfamiliar.. is there any specific genre or movement you consider yourself part of?

S: It’ is sometimes a question I ask myself, I released noisy tracks on a speedcore label (‘Complex Hearing Disturbance’ on Noiseaphonic) and ambient things almost the same year on URL Future (‘Mindfall’ and ‘Inanimate Paradise’).

I consider myself as an emotional deviant of gothic culture, what would become labelled as ‘new wave’ a few years later. I don’t really care about styles, genres, I mostly care about what kind of feeling people could express while listening to my music, I use music as a way to evacuate all these emotions that our society keep us to develop.

GB: Sound- and vibe-wise, you are also very diverse, ranging from dark/hard to wavy, from plunderphonics to own compositions.. what would you consider the main thread in your work?

S: The main thread of my music is to touch people who does not belong to a category of people, all these people who cannot say “these persons are here to defend my rights”. We are the forgotten souls of this society, and I try to make my music as diverse as I can to describe all these emotions in which we recognize through music.

GB: On your artist page, you write that your music springs from the emotions around life and death, that play special role in your life.. could you tell a bit more about that?

S: I began music years ago, when I was 15. My life in 2007 was the worst period ever. My teenage years were a nightmare to me. I was alone, and bored from school and everything, even life. I was listen to music all day long, a lot of different things, music, and reading things about art, paintings, philosophy, and culture in general, but music was the thing.

I started music without any notions of musical theory, except music I was listening to, I started doing shitty sounds on FL Studio for 2 years and posting it on Myspace. I started to self-release stuff in 2009, but I really felt good and in phase with my music when I released my first album, ‘Factory Of Memories’, in 2011. Since that time, my music is linked with my real life, I don’t know if it’s conscious or not, but the music I compose is often a reflect of what my life is.

GB: Can you tell me some more about the artists who influence or inspire your work most prominently?

S: I think you understood that Richard David James a.k.a. Aphex Twin, is a big inspiration to me and so is the legendary gothic dance formation VNV Nation or the experimental metal-tronic-folk artist Igorrr. But in general, I listen to a lot of interesting independent works, or small labels, mostly in which house. Think about guys like Fraunoffer Diffraction, Sidewalks And Skeletons or (((O))), who were really awesome last year.

I could also mention weird music like what Extra Tourist did on his new album, r.roo, or Poemss.

My big surprises were The Hacker‘sLove Kraft part Two‘, Cascadeur‘s ‘Ghost Surfer’ and Wax Tailor’s orchestral album (which I saw live at La Defense), as well as the new Venetian Snares album was epically grotesque and awesome!

I can’t quote everything I loved in 2014. I don’t listen to a lot of music, but I love music I listen to be special in some way and trying new things.

GB: Talking about trying new things, it is very hard to be a young, innovative musician in our times of internet. How has your music been received so far? Do you have an insight into what kind of people are interested in your music locally and on the internet?

S: My audience is quite special I think, it’s mostly composed of people who arrive, and others who leave. I think I have a quite small constant audience.

As you said, my music is very diverse in terms of emotions and styles, most of people I know who follow my music are “strange”, but very open minded. Also, my artistic story is made of opportunities. What I saw from my gigs, people who like what I do are mostly from old techno (like 35-40 years old people), or form-free parties/hardtek scenes (I played few hardtek/frenchcore livesets in 2012), so I think my music find an audience with people who don’t mind about musical genres borders.

GB: You have released via URL Future before.. Could you tell us how you found out about it, what it is about URL Future that appeals to you to you, and what it is that makes you suitable as an URL Future affiliated artist?

S: After my ‘Childvisions’ trilogy and my ‘Elysium‘ EP were released with them, I chatted a lot with one of the owners of Post Religion, who was very enthousiastic about my stuff. Through him I heard about the URL Future Fest and about URL Future in general.

Releasing my EP with them was the ultimate link between the IRL and the URL. It was the perfect place to disseminate my work to a whole new audience, and Corey has been really kind to me from the start.

I think that URL Future projects are innovative and unique, and are suitable with my vision of a better world. And most of all, Corey is really open minded in term of music. I know he trusts me about the quality of my releases, and I’m still free to share my darker stuff on other kind of structures (mostly compilations). But for now, my main music will be released through URL Future.

GB: This is your first release in 2015, is there anything next on the planning that we can already look forward to?

S: There is an album in the making (‘Vers Les Etoiles’ is an extract of it), which will be called ‘Myst’. It will be some more intimate stuff than ‘Factory Of Memories’ or ‘Inanimate Paradise’, mostly melodic stuff, sometimes with singing, sometimes not.

I’m really enjoying that it will have an audience, and people being touched by what I feel. I also have a lot of things for my other aliases for those who know them, and maybe some other EPs and tracks in compilations. Compiling an album means leaving out a lot of valuable tracks, and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to release these ones in another way still.


‘Vers Les Etoiles EP’, consists of the main track, an orchestral introduction as well as five remixes. 

The main track is a deliciously melancholic, 80s underground electro-pop flavoured track that fits perfectly into the ‘spacedelica‘-sound that we will be hearing more often in 2015. Remixers in turn add flavours varying between uptempo oldschool rave, synthpop, liquid dubstep and witch house.

Grab the EP here!


1: Vers Les Etoiles (Shinji Orchestral Introduction)

2: Vers Les Etoiles (Shinji Original Mix)

3: Vers Les Etoiles (Princeton Cover)

4: Vers Les Etoiles (Last Nova Remix)

5: Vers Les Etoiles (ΣDO Remix)

6: Vers Les Etoiles (†RIɅLS Remix)

7: Vers Les Etoiles (Jack The Recreator Remix)


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