Since last year, I’m looking for few minutes to write about this album and about the great work of Caballo, a popular blogger and boss at lation resiste. Maybe, everyone of this underground scene know Caballo. He is like the guy asking you to releasing something with thim, or blogging you at tropical bass or Mad Decent blog. Or you can follow his work at soundcloud because he is: mc, producer and has a death metal band. Man, he is the caballo motha fucking king.

When he release this album I get really impress for any reasons: first for music, he created a album with a mix of styles, remixes and crazy tracks. He is running away from old myths about ‘how do you need to create a album and make sucess’. If you listen in squence there is something uniting all songs, and it is Caballo.

Other fascinating thing abou this absurdus album is the material for download: for free, in 5 languages, with a perfect material to print and create your own album to remember. Again, for free. Caballo know he is a future man. When I started with Funk na Caixa and read a lot of other blogs (as generation bass) Caballo already was writing and publishing material. He is very conscient about what he is doing and how he do it, and know that money come from other sources, not saling music.


And with all this great things about Caballo, he understand a lot of latin music and have great eyes to see what is new, what is happening in all world and live his own life. Dunno how, but he do all of it.

Probably, 95% or readers of this blog knew about this album, but I want to write about it, as a friend as a big fan of Caballo. Sometimes, we forget to give attention from good people next of you. Caballo is one.




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