Bahia is definitely the biggest and new channel exporting new and fresh brazilian music. We know about Bahia Bass with Braza music, but they aren’t unique. There is other producers working alone or independent creating great material, and ATOOXXÁ is one of this.

The man behing this project, Rafa Dias, is that model of producer wich always have 3-4 projects working together. He started with A.MA.SSA, now ATTOOXXA, he is on Os Nelsons too and keep releasing remixes and producing for other artists.

This is one of my favorite tracks. It’s a ‘neo’ arrocha style. Using the influence from the original sound, Rafa add the drop and heavy bass line on love lyrics of VNDL (Vandal).  Another great remix is from baile funk track, Onda Forte of Mc Carol. This track recieve a popular remix from HEAVY BAILE crew, and now a arrocha remix.

You have to check all material from ATTOOXXA, there is so many great things. But my post is about tributes to timbalada, the EP: GHETTO>SUB>SQUARE

This EP, released this week, have a lot of tracks from bloco Timbalada, created by Carlinhos Brown. Each tack is a tribute for a original track of bloco, as:
01- “Camisinha”.
02-“tuck tuck”.
04-“Mulatê do Buncé”.
05-“Beija Flor”.

I STRONGELY recomend you listen all this material. As they said, ‘it’s running a little of the proposal of arrocha’ but there is a great material here.

Check more from project here: https://soundcloud.com/attooxxa


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