BlackPOW_tributoILÊCredits: Julia Saba

The labal Braza started the releases of 2015 with a EP with 6 remixes from track Black Pow, produced by Mauro TelefunkSoul featuring the Mc Jimmy Luv.

There is 6 free remixes, with differentes styles: Starting with our friend Caballo, we have a noised electro remix, with contra-tempo vocals. It’s hard to listen and try to sing it together. Another good remix is from Flying Buff – getting hard on bass line and drops – and Kin Rocha, changing Bahia beats for rasterinha beats.

Actually, I enjoy all 6 remixes. Dj Tide get influence from Zouk Bass to recreate the beats (f*ck, I’m love with zouk bass) and Dj Werson used pagode baiano beats with banger bass line to remix it. If you think there isn’t any other beat, BRAAP recreated with moombahton style.

All material is for free download on Braza BandCamp page! Grab it and get attention for new materials from Braza.

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