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If you can imagine the Stone Roses on a psychedelic trip somewhere in Cairo via Netherlands, Brazil, Greece and Sudan, it’ll provide you with a snapshot of the sound on the new Cairo Liberation Front EP.  In addition to the Psychedelic Indie-Rock/Electro Chaabi fusion, you also get Hip Hop and Baile Funk!

We premiered it on Okayafrica yesterday.  You can now grab it here.

Cairo Liberation Front Remix Collection Vol 1.

In just two years the Dutch DJ- collective Cairo Liberation Front has helped to make the world familiar with the existence of Electro-Cha3bi, a fascinating music genre originating from the popular neighbourhoods of Cairo.

After the release of their first mixtape, with only the best tunes of the underground of Egypt, worldwide media such as the New York Times and The Guardian featured them. With their notorious live reputation they played multiple live shows at big festivals and clubs all over Europe.

Quickly the collective were seen as the European Ambassadors of the Electro Cha3bi genre, also known as “Mahraganat”. In early 2014 they got asked by leading Dutch hip hop label Top Notch if they could remix the hyped single “Oeh Na Na” by Bijlmer rap group SBMG. This request opened up the floodgates and the collective started to get further requests to work on more electro-cha3bi remixes helping to spread the sound all across Europe and the States.

They worked together with baile funk superstar MC Maromba, made a remix for the fresh new talent from Greece, Polygrains, and they also collaborated with DFA/City Slang for a remix of Sinkane’s “New Name” off his latest album “Mean Love”.

This collection consists of previously released remixes, but the opener is a new one; this psychedelic tune is based on Al Lover’s collaboration with Trouble in Mind’s Morgan Delt.
Get ready for the new wave of Egyptian wedding rave!


1. Al Lover feat. Morgan Delt “Super Strength” (Power Plants) [Cairo Liberation Front Remix]
2. Sinkane “New Name” [Cairo Liberation Front Remix]
3. Polygrains “More” [Cairo Liberation Front Remix]
4. SBMG “Oeh Na Na” [Cairo Liberation Front Remix]
5. MC Maromba feat. MC R1 – “Joga o Bumbum Mexe o Bumbum” [Cairo Liberation Front Remix]


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