2015 is here and it brought brand new winds to the tropical oriented scene.

Huge tracks from well known artists that strength their position as shamanic totems, and from other side… a branch new projects that opened the limits of the game.

Here is a review of the tracks that were appearing among the green branches, sliding to the soft tropical beat, shaking to spread the bodies with sweet moves.
This is the tropical scene today, a whirlwind of fresh ideas with the premise to vibrate the ears.

Frente Bolivarista is one of the big project of this short period of the year.
Led by Daniel Lucas (a.k.a. pigmalião) the compilation is form by a many artist from Latin America (Leo Justi, Psilosamples, SidiRum, R Vicenzo) and some artist from Europe but that takes in their compositions a real latin flavor as El Búho and Andrés Digital.

As it says:
“This is a compilation regarding various artists influenced by Latin American cultural references. This is just the beginning of a Bolivarian journey across the whole American continent.
On this debut you’ll find a great selection of artists from Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and two European guests.”


One of, in my opinion, the best music festival happened this February in the south of Chile.
As you see the picture of the Festival Nomade facebook page you will understand the magnitude of the project. It was a really tribal paradise in Mapuche lands.

Before the festival, they release a brunch of mixtapes done by some of the artists involved.

Here is the extraordinary mixtape from Nicola Cruz for the Nomade Festival:


Tropikhongo is one of the projects of Adrian Lopardo (a.k.a. – Reghetto – former Pecokumbiastyle and half part of Zona Norte).
Here is with a remix of “Bonita se ve bailando”, an special dish for dance floors:


What if you could enter into you childhood’s favorite computer game and infect it with cumbia and tropical beats?
Thats the deep trip of Los Pat Moritas that has dropped a new album in the 8bit label called BlipBlop.

Its amazing how an entirely 8bit project, done with one (sometimes two) gameboys can make the crowd become mad and dance to the rhythm of cumbia.

Don’t miss the excellent version of “Cumbia Cienaguera” that takes it to another level:

“Nativo Mixtape” is a journey among palms and magic beats through tropical wings.
Jin Yerei invites you to pic your sit and wait for the take off-

With their last releases, the chilean Regional Label, keep the quality of music that known build throw last year.

Three big releases with unique sensation from each other.

Qapac, from Perú, brings a new sensation with tropical winds and a trippy deep cumbia.
The beautiful visual-art was in charge of David Bugueño.

Then, Antae with a 3ball track that push you to shake your hip. This is what Regional says about the release:
“Introduced by Victor Evink sound 3Ball, Antae mixes his progressive influences with Latin sounds creating these new recording called “Alma”. Using the scale of C # to get in touch with your soul and adding the voice of his favorite of all time, Alika, talking about the connection between the word “soul” and the term “word” in the language Guaraní”

“Temporal” albums have been the way to lump together the label artists and make a compilation of different latin sounds. Now they make a twist and tell each artist to remix each other. The result is a huge combination of sounds and new feelings of the tropical scene.


The mixture of latin flavors, deep synths, 80’s atmosphere and solid vocals, is a formula that could be pursued by any tropical scientific.
But something like that is what Mandiboola brings to earth with their delicious album “Tropical Mystery”.


Brasil has one of the new emerging tropical scene in the region. With artist like Thomash, Burkamina, Felipe Sa, Leo Justi, Daniel Lucas, R Vicenzo, URUBU Marinka and more.
But one that caught my attention lately is Spaniol, Resident of the well known “Sonido Tropico” party in Sao Paulo.
He has dropped some huge edits:

Track with Capoeira chant.

An Umbanda chant to call Xangô, god of fire in Africa. Mixed with a lush rhythm.


“Amanecer en el campo” its a beautiful album that dropped at the end of the last year.
The author is Golondrina Alfa from the countryside of Argentina. In the album, sounds bring to for imagination pictures of the countryside landscape with some little touches of electronic sparks.
Definitely and album that invite you to close your eyes and feel the wind between ourselves.


Also from the countryside, but in the future, Fashionfacts proposed that:
“In the year 2237 at a place north of La Pampa Argentina now called Leuvucó was found in the ruins of an old bank an ancient instrument known as “sampler” containing small pieces of audio in the form of loops. While they are digital audio samples that have suffered a little fatigue time, the sound is fairly consistent and listenable. It is assumed that music data of a subsequent collapse of the First Internet occurred in 2090. It is one of the few musical records are kept of that strange time post-apocalyptic decade. This is the first installment of the musical wonders found in this small appliance.”


To finish some oldies but goodies:

DJ Mica Towers help me to find this gem from Ramiro Jota.
A clasic cumbia tune like “La Danza Macabra” with some mad lyrics that fit perfectly well:

And some really cumbia bombs for the dancefloor!!


Two bombs from Plan B that still fresh:


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