flying buff - mil trutas (Art work)

This week the paulistan duo Flying Buff released a free ep with 6 great tracks, and 5 of that are with great producers: Makoo, Ruxxell and Clinton Sly, Mauro TelefunkSoul, Sugar Crush and Viní.

The idea of this EP is to get influence with friends to create some different tracks of baile funk culture. With tag #favelaterror you should expect some next level material of funk, you have it.

Starting with my favorite, Desce Desce is a collab with Mauro Telefunksoul. Mauro isn’t a funkeiro, he is from Bahia, and used your knowlege about drum to complete the rasterinha beat. With that, Bahia and RJ culture are mixed in one track.

Another great is the single produced only by Flying buff, Prepara e Vai. Flying Buff is Lucas Lima and Rafael Casarin and the big influence on their production is bass and trap music. It’s possible to say in just one year of duo, they created many tracks and good remixes: Salve Xangô is one example, Black Pow remix is other, there is also Vai assim menina with Kradadash, Favela Venceu with Pesadão Tropical and Abandonado. They probably is one of the many producers you should take some attention in this year.

Talking about Vai assim menina, Sugar Crush remixed the twerk track to create a jersey club – trap remix, loud and with a lot of noise.

And if you think there is only funk carioca influence on this material, wait a minute. This track with Clinton Sly can be a good ragga track with big eletronic influence. Is nice to see when producers stop to remix tracks to start to create your own material and original singles. This is a invisible wall that manys producers forget to pass, and keep remixing for a long time.

And for last, but not less important, the collab with Viní has a lot of influnces: Reggae, Arabian drum and melody with funk vocals and electro effects.

Now you already know about this amazing EP, grab it for free on their facebook page!

You can see more of them here:

Flying Buff

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