Lost track?

In the Global Bass scene, it’s all about new developements, movements and new mixtures. It’s always progressing: new tunes appear from all over the globe, new fresh productions from young kids. Keeping up with these creations is what we do. We spread them. But over time it gets hard to see through what actually happened. Before we aware of it we’re already weeks into digging into something knew.

Generation Bass Mixtapes?

Alot can happen in a month. So we came up with the idea to summarize events that took place in a month into a mixtape! Not only recapping all releases, but also introducing new names and genre’s that emerged that month. Giving us and the world an understanding what actually took place in a few weeks time! And looking back at these mixtapes over months gives us a better clear image of the highlights that time.


The first edition will be performed by me, for the upcoming ones, you’ll have to wait. Occasionally, we’ll have guests create the mixes! Giving their view on the recent music developements.


Like I just mentioned, these mixtape will introduce not only hot new productions by the trend setters but also bring new names into the game. As for this edition, names such as Mr. E, Bazooka Sound and many many more with amazing tracks. All mixed into one mixtape.

As hereby starts January, let’s see what happened! Enjoy!

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