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Day by Day, more ghetto music is coming up for global crew. And when it appear it’s a good oportunity to: we knew more about a new trend musical, understand which factors result in this kind of music, know more about the country and their culture.

This post is to introduce the Salsa Choke (Pronounced Choh- kech) from Cali – Colombia, and the label (if we can call that) responsable for this compilation and search is nothing less Latino Resist – the place where you listen all the good shit from Latin America for free. Better then this, Lation resist show to you a alternative to new music and new culture.a

The idea here isn’t to start a new global trend as twerk became, or jersey club. Here, the idea is to listen to sound that you should never heard before because this producers never had a chance to show your talent.

First example of this new Salsa is the  Wiky Wiky by Patio 4. This music is  a kind of remix from Missy Eliot – Get Freaky, and remixes is the best choice to undersand a new movement. You will recognize the elements of the original and the new parts and you will thougth: “oohhhh yes, got it!”

Other good music to this sound is Tuky Tuky Luky by Matblack & Leka El Poeta. This production use the melody of Dr. Dre and Snopp Dogg, Next Episode. And again, you can associate the elements of original in remix.

Talking about music, this neo salsa has influence of hip-hop (with a mc singing in beats), reggaeton, reggae, caribean music and, of course, salsa.

Nothing with much influence of bass culture, and it sound different from original salsa. There is a lit touch of gangata elements, and maybe one or other track will be good to include in a mixtape of latin music. As Tuky Tuky Luky, I listened 3 times already while I’m writing it.



The best part of it is: you can download all material for free in this Link. There is 10 musics with art and covers and all details.

Say thanks to Latino Resist. They are doing a great job!

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