THIS WEEK WE HAD GREAT RELEASES ABOUT NEO FUNK: First the Pusha Ep, now the Berimbau.

Our UK freind from Club Popozuda always work with neo baile. Actually, we can set: Club Popozuda, Xão Productions, Apavoramento and Funk na Caixa as the ‘label’ which is everytime releasing material of funk. In the good and bad moments of this genre, they are always releasing good material. But, this 4 aren’t label, they are just a place talking and working with neo baile music. But something maybe is changing.

Berimbau isn’t the first release of CP (there is Chuck Upbeat and Rafael Aragon release) , but is the first from BUMPS with the singer Mc Gi, from Santos. Gi worked more in neo Baile between 2008 and 2011, now she has a studio. BUT, (again), something changed: or by a invite or for fun.

With 6 tracks, been 5 remixes, this debut from Bumps on CP Records is a amazing example how funk can be a global sound. The banger and more exmplosive track, should be the remix of Comrade – I’m a big fan of his work. He is one of global producers who understand exactly the idea of funk carioca, beats, drops, bass line and etc etc etc. Of course, he is on this movement since 2003 more less. So he is like a PHD on remix material to funk style.

Bumps, as manager and owner, did more another remixes: Favela House. My second favorite is remix from The Word, and it’s great. Specially about the bass line. He can rename it as maximal or 2008 remix. F*ck, I missed to listen to this kind of bass line.

There is other two guests to this EP: Symbiz and Illexxandra. Symbiz get the free pass to create his own global-beat-soka-style. Using some influence from soka and Africa Beats – this is the idea when you want to do some global beat – this remix is tottally crazy. Plus, he create a new melody with electro and acid influence. About Illexxandra remix, Mc Gi recieve a special attention here and producer let she sing! YAY!


10710583_10203487038828851_7790465077949825313_nMc Gi


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