This week, the great producer Dj Chernobyl send me this amazing release from label Vlad(a french label working in a new model of industry music. They have good releases talking about frech, indie, gheto and folg music. Few of this release is for free download, take a listen here). The EP, Pusha, is a mix of Balkan music with baile funk – which I always thought it was a great combination, but never had a great hit to push the genre to next level. Detail: With Chernobyl, this production is signed by BxPx, giving the east europen accent to track.

Listening to all 4 tracks, the original and 3 remixes, I asked him for a free download track, because there was a amazing material to post here to GB readers. And guess what, WE HAD IT!

It was hard to choose one track for this post. Dj Edgar created a amazing funk vibe mixing his own and unique style to produce and sample to remix it. Solo go ahead and explore the essence of balkan using a lot of akkordeon and giving a new face and rhythm to remix. The Tegaro remix, is that kind of music you can hear in a movie chase scene where the good guy is behind the bad guy and something explose and there is cars and bikes and….you know rigth?!

Well, as you can imaginated, I choose the Dj Edgar remix. (to download, click here and save as)


But you can purchase all the EP too in the link below. You, as a lot or readers, know how hard is the music business, and it’s so hard to receive for a remix or production. So help the next, is the first step to help you, right? Maybe with a digital purchase or with the physical CD. You can choose, but choose one.



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