The future in #Future Tarraxo is looking very bright. Many, including me, will point to the brilliant “Perfect Lullaby” mixtape by the awesome Nguzunguzu (who once told me some years back that they loved Generation Bass, I mean who doesn’t lol) as the instigator for this whole new movement of sound.

Pioneers like Bison & Squareffekt have also taken the bull by the horns and pushed this sound further in the past 18 months.  So much further that half of the recently entitled “Zouk Bass Volume 2” compilation released by Enchufada wasn’t really Zouk Bass at all but rather leaning more towards #FutureTarraxo of the Bison & Squareffekt variety!  Indeed, the first half of the compilation sounded like a Bison & Squareffekt EP!

I mean even Bjork’s producer Arca got in on the #Future Tarraxo vibe recently with his exceptional “Thievery” track, the title perhaps denoting his theft from Angola 🙂 and given that he had been checking out some Angolan Tarraxo producers on his soundcloud prior to this release!

Following hot on the heels of the above 2 is French producer Photo Romance who, like Bison, has family roots going back to Angola!  He takes the #FutureTarraxo sound and provides it with a really sensual underpinning.

I have loved his take on #Future Tarraxo from the beginning and was even a massive admirer of his booty-shaking material when he was known as Marv Da Pimp!

On his new EP, he creates a stunning and sensual soundtrack of an EP for broken hearts everywhere.  It’s a fantastic voyage and a heartbreaking one to boot.  Every single track is KILLER!

It’s an epic, widescreen cinematic space symphony of blissful African <3!

Here’s what he says:

“Lagoa Roxa’s six chapters give birth to sensual mysteries hidden deep in the jungle, beneath the mist of the purple lagoon. Photo Romance explores the realms of at 90 BPM with his silky and intricate melodies. This gem showcases some unique Future Tarraxo rhythms blending classic drums, drum machines, recorded percussions and more…. An ode to romance, erotic adventures, and mysticism. Enjoy this smooth, hypnotic ride!”


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