Future Tarraxo is a style that we believe that has started to evolve from Tarraxo but with a focus more towards futuristic space oriented atmospheres, explorations and fantasies. Think of it as a Bladerunner Tarraxo Symphony! A style taking much from the late 70’s and early 80’s yet managing to sound so futuristic!

Early adopters of this style are Nguzunguzu, DJ Boda, DJ Tiba, DJ Ns amongst many others including Generation Bass artists Bison & Squareffekt. King Kong & Tilha.  Other dudes include Photo Romance and Buraka Boss man Branko who made one recently too!

Future Tarraxo: because the sound isn’t quite original Tarraxo and neither is it any of the associated hybrids such as Zouk Bass, Kizomba, Fodencia or Tarraxinha. Being lovers of new micro-genres, we felt like we had to call it something new!

Here’s a bunch of stuff to enable you to soak in some of its sensual flavours and you might want to grab a lot of these. It’s not in any way an exhaustive list but just a good starter. It includes Bjork’s recent producer Arca too who has also dabbled in #Future Tarraxo’s hypnotic style!

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