It has been a while since you’ve heard from me. For personal reasons. Too long to leave you without music. Therefore I made another selection of the 12 most exciting EPs you may have missed.

There are two EPs left out here that you cannot have possibly have missed: Photo Romance‘s marvellous Lagao Roxa EP and BanganagangbangersLoyalty Lane EP.. Want more? Check out this post!


#1. Billion Dollars – Satan Bass The Remixes

Last summer, the eclectic Mexican producer Billion Dollars arose out of the blue and can now count himself among the most promising producers of today. His Mad Decent-supported Satan Bass EP, creating ‘satan bass’ as a new genre, was featured on all the major blogs, including many EDM ones, which usually shun away from the global bass underground these days.

Satan bass EP cried for a follow up, and now it’s there, with contributions of familiar Generation Bass producers and a couple of lesser known names. Casarodrb‘s remix fuses cumbia with trap and brostep. H2O DJ drops some hyperactive trap-bubbling that reminds me of the crazy eclecticism of names like Wost, Purplemonkay or Hoodie. Future bass alrounder Treovr made a moombahton remix pushing a fresh, almost techno-flavoured sound. My favourite remix on the EP comes from the radically forward-looking duo Dead Stare who fuse a NAAFI-esque avant-garde Latin sound with hardcore! Jet Airess‘ closes the EP with another fantastic, hypnotically percussive remix.


#2. Dead Stare – From A Nightmare EP

The duo Dead Stare (for new readers: the new project consisting of the Hungarian tropical producer Gekkei and the Santa-Rosa based latin-bass experimentalist DJ Broken Record) also released a new EP of their own, via the upcoming internet-underground platform URL Future. This release, a follow-up of their debut last summer, further explores the unique territory between cinematic gothic darkness, horror poetry, speedcore and Latin percussion.

The fact that an important player from the post-internet avant-garde, URL Future, releases music from the global bass movement makes me even more happy because it shows once again that two of the main motors of creativity today are opening up to each other, which is a very exciting thing for the future of music!


#3. Dj Dotorado – Maluku

Dj Dotorado has featured on Generation Bass before and is currently one of the promising newcomers from the Portuguese underground with the potential to reach a wider audience, both via the mainstream afrobeats and via the global bass scene. Maluku is a fantastic, diverse EP with quite extensive synth work that makes it accessible to combine with different styles. It covers not only kuduro, tarraxo and afrobeats, but also experiments with trap and (even more excitingly for a Portuguese underground artist), baile funk!


#4. Antae – Alma EP

This EP has featured already in Sexxy Saturday Cumbia some weeks back, but I felt it should get more attention than Nico managed to give it. Not because I organised this EP myself, but because of the unique collaborations on it. Nico calls Antae’s original “a 3ball track that pushes you to shake your hip”. True that, but I think the focus on the ‘swing’ kindof misses the point that this isn’t your average ‘tropical’ track.

When Antae, the Sello Regional team and myself started this project a year ago, we foresaw a shift from a the ‘mad-boom tropicalism’ that has dominated the global bass scene for years, towards a more sophisticated space-age sound, inspired by melodic 80s electronica like Vangelis, Hi-NRG and underground prog. Future tarraxo is of course the best and most successful example. The track Alma applies the future-tarraxo formula to 3ball, making ‘future tribal’.

Antae recalls that back in the days, during the heydays of moombahton, people would laugh at melodic tracks. They all wanted bangers with bleeps and Skrillex growls. Today, tides have turned, with important names like Erick Rincon experimenting with future tribal, and the entire zouk-bass scene starting to copy future tarraxo.

The EP takes it a step further, not only creating a new sound, but bringing widely different branches of the global bass world (and beyond) together around it. The times that producers from Latin and luso-African scenes have released together on one EP are scarce. But this EP contains a unique combination of artists who can make a bridge independently of worn out ‘tropical’ clichés.

Freddy da Stupid (Mozambique) made a hypnotic deep afrohouse remix. Gabriel Rowano (Netherlands) fused the grooves of progressive breaks and dembow. S x m b r a (Netherlands) took inspiration from genres like dub techno, tribal house, psybient and goa, combined with moombahton. Tribilín Sound‘s (Peru) moisty cumbia dub remix is one of my favourite cumbia tracks in general. Mr.Jags (Mexico) takes it into radically experimental territory, fused with hypnotic moombahton and cumbia. When I gathered the remixers, I just new there had to be future tarraxo on this EP and Photo Romance (France) did exactly that, with an absolutely stunning remix. I am also very excited to have HVRXLD (UK) on this project with a vaportrap/artwave remix, making another connection with the internet avant-garde. Los Innsurgentes (Mexico) provided the connection back with the 3ball scene, with a powerful remix. And a futuristic Andean folklore remix from JMKR (Chile), a tribute to the background of the sampled quote, makes the EP complete.


#5. La MiniTK Del Miedo – La Trilogía de La Salvación

The Colombian latin-goth band La MiniTK Del Miedo is one of the most unique music acts in the world. They’ve been on the Generation Bass radar for some years now and this week they are back with new music after a silence of almost two years.

Compared with their older work like ‘Yo Soy la Muerte’, La Trilogía de La Salvación EP has a brighter and more energetic tone, exploring flavours like mambo, reggae and moombahton. And the melodic synth work, which this time draws from synthpop and reggae rather than witchhouse and nu-wave, breathes protest and energy rather than gloom and depression. Buy the EP here!


#6. Imaabs – #Pack 001 (Latin Bootlegs) 

The NAAFI-signed avant-garde producer Imaabs from Chile is one of the names to watch in 2015. He one of the few most prominent producers who fuse the post-internet underground with global/latin bass and is always some steps ahead of both worlds. His futuristic style draws from grime, jersey club, vaporwave and detroit techno. In this first volume of bootleg packs, he Latinises tracks from the avant garde producers Drippin, OMW and Trax Couture but also a tarraxo track from Dj bboy a.k.a. Tia Maria, from Portuguese underground!


#7. J(ay).A.D. – Dedeyuru Vol.1

J(ay).A.D. is probably a new name for Generation Bass readers, because we don’t follow styles like future beats, future grime and jersey club as closely as we should. I recently stumbled upon this Surinamese producer living in Amsterdam his style absolutely blows my mind. He describes himself as:

A hunter gatherer from deep in the amazon forest of Suriname
where he protects the rain forest from evil one day he created a track that was a combination of juke/footwork with kawina, dancehall, dub and grime that caused a chemical reaction what erupted from the process giving him superpowers to vanquish all horrible music from the world.

I couldn’t think of a better way to make the heart of a Generation Bass blogger beat faster instantly!

Dedeyuru Vol.1 is an eclectic, forward-looking future bass EP that combines grime, footwork, trap, RnB and juke with hypnotic, polyrhytmic percussion and mouth-watering synth work. Just press that pay button and buy this EP, it’s more than worth it!


#8. Kazuki Koga – Alleingehen 2.0

Kazuki Koga, from Fukuoka-city, Japan, is also a new name on this blog but someone all of you should follow immediately. His unique style combines bass music genres and avant garde futurism with the obscure but mindblowing asian underground genre called GORGE!

Gorge is the probably the most exciting non-Western electronic underground that has never been introduced yet by Generation Bass (spoiler: expect a post called ‘Generation Bass Introduces Gorge’ soon on the blog, written either by myself or by Dj UMB). And it’s about time that that changes because Asia has been a very undervalued in the global bass world compared to Latin America and Africa (not ‘tropical’ enough, probably..).

The almost un-Googleable genre is cloaked in mystery and legend has it that a giant from the Himalayan Giant called DJ Nanga, created it in a climbers club in the Hymalayan mountains. Whether this is true.. who knows? We like mysteries at Generation Bass. But from what I can tell by listening, gorge is a fusion of ritualistic hymalayan folk with industrial cinematic ambient (often close to the genre martial industrial), noise and dark techno.

Kazuki Koga’s interpretation with elements futuristic chill-bass is the perfect move to make the dark, shamanic noise of gorge a bit more accessable to a wider audience!


#9. WHIPPED CREAM – Law Of Attraction EP

As a blogger I usually skip artists who already are more or less entering the mainstream, especially artists without a specific non-Western background that make it relevant for Generation Bass to support. But sometimes you stumble upon a gem that is simply too good to ignore. Whipped Cream is an incredibly producer from Vancouver who released this genreless experimental EP which draws heavily on transnational influences like zouk bass and Indian folk. Unconditional has a sound that comes close to the powerful percussive styles of Jet Airess and Billion Dollars, while Inside My Mind is best described as cinematic tribal ambient, with Lil Gypsy being exactly in between those styles.


#10. Relo & Tropikore – Dojo EP

Dojo EP is the fresh product of a teamup between Subklub‘s Relo (Argentina) and Le Ronca Records‘ Tropikore (Venezuela), released via Le Ronca Records and launched as a Casetteblog special. Style-wise it is a dark-experimental fusion of cumbia, zouk bass and lento, with some hints of techno and retro-rave, which neatly connects with developments like Billion Dollars’ satan bass and Deadstare’s dark eclecricism. It is once another example that ‘global bass’ starts looking beyond the formula of tropicalising the EDM-sound of the day!


#11. Joe McFly – Transcendence EP

JoeMcFly is one half of the forward-looking American producer-dj-designer duo The Gurus, whom we have seen been enthousiastic about since we discovered them. Where their style is usually characterised by groovy, meditative g-house, Transcendence EP takes a whole different approach. It experiments with dark ambient, 80s flavoured synthpop and early techno, all fused with a hint of blues!


#12. DJ Cueheat – Latin Club Take Over Vol.1

I’ll close this roundup with some happier, readily accessible dancefloor vibes for your weekend. The recent rise of jersey club will soon reach the centre of the mainstream. Fusion jersey club with all the nostalgic classics reggaeton’s golden age is something so thickly in the air that it seems almost like fruit hanging from a tree right in fromt of you. The only question is: who will pick it first. DJ Cueheat did it just two weeks ago and as soon as you press play you will know that this is the sound that will be heating up the dancefloor like nothing else this summer!


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