February Mixtape!


Last month I told you everything about the developments that take place in the global bass scene and that we keep track of them. We have launched a monthyl mixtape concept and now it’s time review Febraury!

This edition was compiled and mixed by Sonido Del Principe from the Generation Bass Soundsystem! A solid state of the art mix!

Listen to the mixtape below and see what happened!


1. Charger#0 by Drvg Culture
2. Eco by Chancha Via Circuito
3. Altar De Muertos by Don Chon El Enterrador

4. Tarracho Nervoso by Dj Nervoso
5. Amadora Zouk by Drvg Cvltvre
6. Soy El Diablo by Stark
7. Cock & Bull by Jet Airess
8. Monadnock by JSTJR
9. Estilo by Neto8a
10 .Asesino by Bad Panda Y Rafa Caivano
11. Klajnak by Frikstailers
12. Mañana by Monarka
13. Batucada Das 04h by Leo beatz
14. Zulu Carnival by Tony Quattro
15. Bubbah Meck by Banginclude

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