Crazy mix here full of mash-ups/edits with several tracks playing all at once consisting of stuff like Benga’s “Night” sample over Grace Jones with a dash of eastern and Turkish stuff on top.

No idea who the dude behind this is as he likes to preserve his anonymity but he says:

“well, there’s a political side to it which is basically a finger to Western Islamophobia as much as to contemporary political Islam. It’s a stance against rampant racism in the West against all things Muslim which feeds on a total ignorance of the Middle East – history, politics, traditional and pop culture included. But it’s equally taking a stance against those who’d like to see Muslim majority countries bury themselves in imagined “traditions”, erasing their own culture and history.

I wanted to go beyond just playing prog rock edits and look at how real folk music from Algeria works with techno and grime for instance, that sort of things. I definitely see an emerging scene of likeminded people from the Middle East and Europe who are willing to build new bridges”

Quite a unique listen.

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