This is the latest instalment of my Arabtronix mixtape series.

Arabtronix is a mix series focusing upon Western Club & Bass sounds inspired by the Middle East, North Africa & including some Turkish, Hebrew & Persian sounds thrown in for good measure too. It is purely electronic in its roots! A lot of the artists who feature are indigenous to or who originate from the Middle East, North Africa, Persia & Turkey.

It draws upon recently released music & also from music that I’ve been collecting for some years. As A DJ I use to specialise in this kind of music & so I’ve collected some great stuff throughout the preceding years.

Arabtronix 4’s main focus is on Synth-Pop & Electronica. It’s a mix that showcases the latest electronic Arabic incarnations & also it goes back in time to the 80’s too.

I wanted to do a mix purely of Arabic material which evoked the spirit of 80’s New Wave but this proved to be quite a difficult task to accomplish as there just isn’t enough of that kind of vibe around that was given the Arabic sugar-coating. So I had to ditch that idea and instead went through some of the Arabic music I had collected from various decades, all of which were imbued with a western electronic influence.

This mix starts off with some awesome 80’s influenced New/Cold Wave by artists based in the Middle East & North Africa. It then goes into some Electronica & Trip Hop from the 2000’s period taking in some Arabic & Turkish vibes. It pauses for breath with some vintage Lebanese Pop from the 80’s before taking in some tasty Hebrew Electronica. It then takes a stop at Skweee junction with some incredible Skweee influenced by Arabic sounds & scales. This is followed by some Italo Disco from the early 80’s including Arabic covers of some big (& some cheesy) tracks from the 80’s & 90’s including an Arabic version of ‘Tom’s Diner”! Penultimately, the mix soaks in some B-Boy 80’s influence with a Middle Eastern tinge before it finishes off with some new sounds fusing Egyptian Electro Chaabi with Indie Rock (think, Arabian Stone Roses!).

This is another unique mix encompassing a lot of material that a majority of people will not be familiar with and would not have heard of before.

Think of it as a cinematic trip to the Middle East with a predominant Western aesthetic.

Download it now:

ArabTronix Volume 4 [Feb 2015] by Dj Umb on Mixcloud

Grab all 4 whilst you’re at it:

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