The new EP from producers Carlos (Rio de Janeiro) and Maffalda (São Paulo) is one of most nice things I’ve listend this year. A fresh material with influences from Jersey Club, Twerk, Trap and Rasterinha, created a nice Ep to listen and to djing. With only 6 tracks (one is bonus) the duo produce each track to show what they like to do. Maffalda is a banger producer, with heavy beats, noise effects and very creative. Carlos do a similiar song as Sango, a melodic instrumental trap with dirty lyrics of funk carioca.

With 6 tracks they slippted well the works: 2 tracks is collbas, 2 made by Carlos and 2 made by Maffalda. You can listen and understand who is who, and who did what in each Track.

The download is for free in exchange for you e-mail at bandcamp link. Grab it and share it! Neo Funk is alive.


Artist Link:

Carlos – @carlosdocomplexo
Maffalda – @maffalda2

Other Links:


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