I hardly ever post single tracks on Generation Bass but this is simply too rad to wait until the next roundup!

The Paris-based Portuguese underground producer Dj Ly-COox a.k.a. Tia Maria Produçoes has been one of my absolute favourite producers for a while now. His powerful, sophisticated synth-rich approach to tarraxo & kuduro is very promising. He is also one of the few producers from the Portuguese underground who explore darker sounds.

This mind blowing new release fuses the industrial ambient percussive vibe of Nazar’s rough kuduro with the heavy apocalyptic street-futurism of dark trap!

Another very promising step in the rise of a new exciting underground where global bass and post-hiphop, fused with dark electronic music will be the sound of our dystopian future!

To set the tone, I made an alternative, dark trap inspired cover.


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