Generation Bass brings back the scorching hot new talent of Zhe Pechorin a.k.a. Anđelina Mićić straight out of Belgrade, Serbia into the fast paced international Generation Bass community for her 3rd EP on our label.

After the tribal percussive excursions of her 1st EP “Smiling Tribes” and the otherworldly 2nd offering “Black Soul”, now on her 3rd EP, we have her experimentations into the phenomenon known as “Synethesia”.

Synesthesia, is a condition in which a person’s senses are joined:

“Synaesthesia is a curious condition where there is a mingling of the senses due to cross-wiring in the brain. Hearing a musical note for example might cause a person with synesthesia to see a particular colour; C is red, F sharp is blue. Or perhaps the number 2 is always green and 5 always blue. Other people may taste spoken words, for example, on hearing the word ‘table’ they might taste apricots, whereas ‘book’ tastes like tomato soup”

So it is this condition that has inspired this 3rd EP.

This EP continues in the Zhe Pechorin tradition to captivate you with its driving percussion, hypnotic synths, and compelling drums.

All 3 tracks follow a similar theme, dark, hypnotic, minimalist post club hues that lull you into a Cinematic world bringing to mind the dystopian soundscapes of Burial, Âme, Nico Jaar and Bladerunner without ever trying to emulate, duplicate or imitate them.  Zhe pays lip service to the same themes in her own, unique and beautiful way.

Zhe Pechorin delivers with style, grace and poise, sounds and riddims that many could only dream of creating. Be prepared to hear a lot more from this brilliant new artist.

“Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, and the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand which plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul”

– Wassily Kandinsky whose artwork graces the cover and who is credited with painting one of the first purely abstract works and who first likened painting to composing music.

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Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1991, Zhe later moved to Moscow where she lived for 11 years and attended primary and music school. Later she moved to Belgrade, Serbia to graduate from her high school where she studied hospitality and tourism. Currently she resides in Belgrade where she studies Faculty of Philology (Russian, Portuguese and Czech languages).

Her percussive music speaks melodically as well as harmonically while driving her songs like traditional percussion usual tends to do.

Expect to encounter the name Zhe Pechorin a lot more often in the near future as she will surely captivate a global audience.



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